• Leaked Images Confirm that Lincoln Nautilus will Replace Lincoln MKX

    7-liter V-6 discontinued
  • New front grille
  • New 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine

It’s penciled in to debut at the L.A. Auto Show

Lincoln has revealed its

bound mystery vehicle, and it’s called the Lincoln Nautilus. It has a new name and a new design, but the Nautilus isn’t exactly an all-new model, but rather an updated version of the MKX SUV. Beyond the decision to drop the MK nomenclature on the SUV, the Nautilus is different in a lot of ways compared to its predecessor. It features a more modern design, prominently shown by the adoption of the Continental’s front grille. Those who didn’t approve of the MKX’s split front end look finally got their wish. Apart from the grille, the Nautilus also gets a good number of new design features, including smaller headlights and a more traditional front bumper layout.

The arrival of the Nautilus marks an important step for Lincoln in a number of different ways. The first and most obvious is the company is finally doing what it previously said with regards to the status of its “MK” nomenclature. Back in 2015, Lincoln confirmed that it was planning to ditch the MK naming scheme. It was a decision that was met with universal approval since the MK naming scheme never got any traction among customers. We finally get to see the fruits of that decision with the Nautilus, a better name that slots nicely with the iconic Continental and Navigator models.

Leaked Images Confirm that Lincoln Nautilus will Replace Lincoln MKX Exterior
- image 747866
New front grille

The new design also lends to improving the SUV’s stature. Overall, the Nautilus looks more modern than the model it’s succeeding. As interesting as the latest version of the MKZ was, there was something gimmicky about its presentation. It could’ve worked if it were another automaker, but not on a brand like Lincoln that has a legacy it needs to live up to.

Apart from the redesigned exterior, the Nautilus also received a few notable interior updates, including a new three-spoke steering wheel that’s noticeably different from the old MKX SUV and even that from the new MKC. The multi-function buttons also get a new layout. On the other hand, the dashboard and the center console layout remain the same as they were on the MKX. We can also expect some improvements in the way of new trims, materials, and available colors for the Nautilus.

Leaked Images Confirm that Lincoln Nautilus will Replace Lincoln MKX Exterior
- image 747869

Lincoln hasn’t announced what kind of engine the Nautilus has, but the “2.7 T” badges on the rear of the SUV are good hints that we can expect a 2.7-liter Ford EcoBoost V-6 engine under its hood. It’s the same engine that powers the current MKC. It’s good for 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque.


Lincoln MKX

2016 Lincoln MKX High Resolution Exterior
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