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The McLaren 720 GTX3 is a GT3 racecar, unhinged

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Race cars are undeniably quick, but they still have to abide by certain regulations depending on the type of racing series they are meant for. This usually means a certain power to weight ratio or a maximum amount of width, downforce, etc. If only one of these parameters is outside the allowed boundaries, the car will not be eligible to race in the intended series. With this in mind, McLaren has decided to show us what a fully-unhinged racecar is all about by making the 720S GT3X. Here’s what you need to know.

It uses a modified version of the GT3 racecar engine

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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McLaren engineers took the already ferocious 720S GT3 racecar and went all out. In the GT3X, the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 has over 200 horsepower more than the GT3 version, thanks to bigger turbochargers, manifolds, and upgraded cooling. It now produces up to 750 horsepower (559 kW). The suspension is straight out of the GT3 racer, but even that is revised.

It’s very lightweight

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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Lightness is a definitive trait for any racecar. Having a good power to weight ratio means a car has better agility while also being easier on fuel and tires. With this in mind, the McLaren GT3X tips the scales at just 2,668 pounds (1,210 kg). Every luxury aspect of the car has been stripped away, leaving only the driver’s essentials. This translates to a power to weight ratio of 620 horsepower per ton.

You can take a passenger

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X
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We already mentioned how the GT3X is basically a GT3 turned up to 11. This means that McLaren’s new creation can do anything a GT3 car can but better. It can also do one thing, the GT3 car can’t do at all – seat two people. With the GT3X, you get a passenger racing seat, allowing you to take plus one, on a wild ride.

Racecar levels of safety and stiffness

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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McLaren is one of the pioneers when it comes to the motorsport application of carbon-fiber. The car features a lot of the stuff throughout its body, but more importantly, it features the brand’s new MonoCage II carbon-fiber chassis, which provides great stiffness and protection while being extremely light. Extra safety comes from the redesigned roll cage, which allows the installation of a passenger seat without compromising occupant protection.

McLaren’s most race-inspired interior in recent times

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X
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As you would expect from a proper racecar, the 720S GT3X features a stripped-down interior designed around track performance and functionality. FIA-approved carbon-fiber and Kevlar seats with six-point harnesses ensure the driver and passenger are planted at all times. The ergonomically-designed race steering wheel is fitted with all key functions via intuitive rotary switches and buttons meaning everything is at the driver’s fingertips.

A revised GT3 suspension works with the new aero kit

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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Since the GT3X is based on the GT3 racecar, it’s no surprise that it has the same suspension. That said, the dampers, springs, and anti-roll bars are all optimized to work together with the big rear wing and new dive planes at the front of the car to produce the right amount of downforce at all times in order not to break the suspension.

It features a subtle throwback to the 1960s

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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Earlier, we mentioned McLaren’s Formula One illustrious racing heritage dating back to 1963. With the 720S GT3X, they’ve decided to honor their motorsport history by outlining all distinctive new aero bits in the McLaren signature Papaya orange color. You can see the color on the new front splitter and air extractor, as well as on the carbon-fiber side skirts and rims. The color can also be seen on the diffuser’s shark fins.

More extensive improvements to the engine

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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We already mentioned the 750-horsepower figure of the revised M840T V-8 engine. For those looking to get a GT3X, you’ll be happy to know that McLaren has made sure to make the 720 GT3X able to withstand the grueling punishment that comes with driving all-out on a racetrack. Further enhancements feature a blueprinted block, which helps optimize performance across the entire rev-range, new stronger pistons, and a “Diamond-Like Carbon” (DLC) coating, which protects from extensive wear.

Every 720S GT3X comes with a dedicated track support staff

Learn Everything You Need to Know about the McLaren 720GT3X Exterior
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Similar to cars like the Zonda R or Aston Martin Vulcan, the GT3X is strictly meant for track use. Upon purchasing a GT3X, every owner can get a dedicated support staff, regardless of the track. The program is carried out by McLaren’s very own engineers from the brand’s in-house Customer Racing division. The same team is responsible for developing the GT3X, alongside the 720 GT3 global customer race program.

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720S GT3X developed by McLaren Customer Racing for track use only, without restriction of motorsport regulations
Based on 720S GT3 race car, but not homologated for racing
Hand-built, twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 develops up to 750PS
Available to order from McLaren Motorsport Retailers; can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmY6xYe_BM4
McLaren Customer Racing has confirmed that an unrestricted version of its 720S GT3 race car, the 720S GT3X, is available to order through the McLaren Motorsport Retailer Network. Designed and developed in-house by the motorsport arm of McLaren Automotive, the GT3X is for track use only but is not homologated for any racing class or championship. Without the need to comply with competition regulations, increased levels of power and performance have allowed McLaren Customer Racing to further exploit the chassis and aerodynamic characteristics of its latest-specification, race-winning 720S GT3 to optimise circuit driving enjoyment.

Pioneering in the field of lightweight and safety in motorsport, McLaren introduced the first all-carbon fibre chassis to Formula 1 in 1981 with the McLaren MP4/1. Since then, carbon fibre has been at the core of every McLaren and the 720S GT3X features the MonoCage II chassis that provides a strong, light and safe environment for its occupants.

Performance comes from a hand-built 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine, optimised to combine features from the 720S road car and the 720S GT3 race car. Coupled to a six-speed sequential motorsport transmission, a unique version of the M840T engine features a blueprinted cylinder head, strengthened pistons, ‘Diamond Like Carbon’ (DLC) coating and a lightweight performance exhaust system. The track-focused components and systems deliver the same 720PS (710bhp) as the road car, with a further 30PS (30bhp) boost function available to the driver through a steering wheel-mounted ‘push-to-pass’ button.

The lightweight 720S GT3X tips the scales at just 1,210kg (2,668lbs) and displays the extreme weight-saving efforts that have been taken into consideration to remove all non-essential or luxury items where possible, leaving the driver with just what they need to extract the best performance. Each of these measures combine to give the 720S GT3X a power-to-weight ratio of 620PS*-per-tonne.

The development programme has seen a focus on pure engineering, innovative aerodynamics and efficient design, with thousands of track kilometres covered across Europe and the Middle East. Freed from sporting regulations, the 720S GT3X is a performance-optimised version of the already-bespoke GT3 race car, with the bodywork’s flowing lines developed using ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’ (CFD) and Formula 1 wind tunnel technology. The aerodynamically sculpted shape is hand-finished in metallic MSO Carbon Black paint. A refined pinstripe in heritage McLaren Orange - a nod to the historic race-winning McLaren Formula 1 cars of the 1960s - accentuates the lower edges of the ground-hugging body shape and the outer rim of the gloss black centre-locking wheel rims, while an ‘X’ graphic stretches across the upper canopy.

The stripped-out cabin features extensive use of lightweight carbon fibre and is designed around outright track performance and functionality. A carbon fibre and Kevlar FIA-approved race seat hugs the driver, while the pedal box and steering wheel adjust to ensure the perfect driving position. The ergonomically-designed race steering wheel is fitted with all key functions via intuitive rotary switches and buttons meaning everything is at the driver’s fingertips. Thrill-seeking friends can also experience the speeds and exhilaration of being on a track as the interior of the 720S GT3X has been designed to accommodate a fully safety-compliant race seat on the passenger side of the cabin, complete with six-point race harness. Modifications over the race car include a revised design to the roll-cage to accommodate a passenger without compromising on safety and enhanced crash structures around the occupant safety cell.

In addition to delivering a new type of performance on the track, the 720S GT3X delivers a new level of ownership experience. As part of the purchase and ownership package, McLaren Automotive can provide dedicated technical track support for each owner. This programme is carried out by the customer support engineers from the in-house McLaren Customer Racing division - the team that has designed and developed the model alongside the 720S GT3 global customer race program.

“Due to GT3 balance of performance requirements, the 720S GT3 car has to run with a considerably reduced power output than the road-going 720S Spider and Coupe variants. The brief for the GT3X project was to unleash the full potential of the 720S GT3 car using a massively increased power output to fully exploit the aerodynamics and chassis dynamics of the car. Additionally, the car is now able to carry passengers for the first time, thanks to the re-design of a new bespoke roll-cage and passenger seat installation. Brake cooling has also been improved to cope with the additional demands of increased speed and the mass of a passenger.

The 720S GT3X now offers a unique opportunity to experience a fully-fledged GT3 car. The lap time is significantly reduced from the GT3 benchmark through both the huge standard power increase and the additional 30bhp from the push-to-pass button. The end result is a car that offers a truly unique experience.”
Ian Morgan, Director, McLaren Customer Racing

The 720S GT3X is available to order now from the 11 official McLaren Motorsport Retailers worldwide: McLaren Glasgow, McLaren Zurich, McLaren Frankfurt, McLaren Beverly Hills, McLaren Houston, McLaren Newport Beach, McLaren Philadelphia, McLaren San Francisco, McLaren Toronto, McLaren Auckland and McLaren Melbourne. Each retailer can also offer technical and servicing support for the track-only model.

Discover more about the 720S GT3X here: https://cars.mclaren.com/gb-en/customer-racing/models/720s-gt3x

Rob Bell, McLaren Factory Driver, demonstrates the capabilities of the McLaren 720S GT3X on the Portimao Circuit, and can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmY6xYe_BM4

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