Hey! Are you looking for videos of dangerous stunts that you should never, ever try at home? If you answered yes, then I’ve got just the thing – this 6-minute, 45-second clip about how to drive on two wheels! Did I mention how you shouldn’t try this at home?

No, the action isn’t taking place on some sun-drenched highway in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, but rather under the perpetual cloud cover of the U.K. It’s part of Fifth Gear’s Throwback Thursday, wherein the British motoring aficionados take fan requests from their Facebook page and upload old-school excerpts for your viewing pleasure.

For this TBT, we find presenter Jonny Smith and one-time unidentified tame-racing-driver Ben Collins in a competition to keep a car up on two wheels for the longest duration of time. On hand is a pro stunt driver to offer expert advice and two sacrificial hatchbacks to take the brunt of the damage.

Even with several runs in the stabilizer-equipped practice car and a ramp to get the necessary angle, it’s obvious the stunt is by no means an easy one. Mastering this unique kind of two-wheeled sideways drive takes patience and finesse, and although both competitors have lots of experience behind the wheel, this is one trick that takes a little getting used to.

Sure, Collins has the race experience, but don’t count out Smith – both are equally matched in this particular balancing act. Who do you think will take the win?


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