Have any of you ever noticed how race cars of all shapes and sizes get to become colorful works of sponsorship art? There’s a method to that madness and you can find everything you need to know through ‘Go Faster’, a coffee table book written by Sven Voelker, a professer at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and a self-admitted racing and car savant.

The book covers over 100 examples of race car designs with all of their designs chronicled in full detail from a blank canvas to a sponsorship-laden piece of race car art. ‘Go Faster’ is a book every race car fan should at least take a look at and we’d even consider it as a must-buy for anybody who’s ever wondered how a car’s aesthetics morphs from a clean slate to an explosion of color and graphic design.


Source: Gestalten

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  (647) posted on 03.11.2010

Sweet images. I always though that those sponsors just placed ’em stickers up there and it all just matches up as all of those stickers are for racing stuffs. I mean most of them before.

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