Who said any car is not a good place for making love? If you are one of those guys who belive you need a limo to feel good you are wrong. And a very inspired guy, actully three inspired guys, wrote the first-ever manual of sex positions for in-car entertainment!

Carma Sutra is the teaching of love in the car from ancient to... modern times. It features illustrations and advice for over 20 makes and models, from compacts and sedans to hybids and SUVs. Includes two double-page gatefolds on taxi cab eroticism and limousine service.

Perfect for car lovers and lovers in cars alike. And it only costs $15.

Source: US DK

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  (379) posted on 03.2.2010

Now that is the ultimate gift to give to anyone. It should be a good read and people will definitely love it. I wonder how many tips and advice it actually has. Lol.

sami  (91) posted on 01.24.2007

Yup, i was thinking to buy this book! I found it very interesting:P

Lucca  (27) posted on 01.24.2007

nice post!

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