Lee Noble’s Fenix Automotive to join forces with Arrinera Automotive

2012 Arrinera Venocara Concept Exterior
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Lee Noble is no neophyte in the supercar business, having already been involved in a number of exotic automotive ventures in the past. After founding Noble Supercars, Noble was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the M600. After selling the company a few years ago, Noble went ahead and established a new South Africa-based brand: Fenix Automotive.

Now, there’s word that Noble has become involved with another start-up exotic builder, Poland’s Arrinera Automotive. The skepticism surrounding the production of Arrinera’s Venocara supercar was justified when the car was unveiled a few months ago, mostly because of a lack of substantial funds to support the entire project. But now that Noble has entered the picture - he reportedly bought a five-percent share in the company - the entire Venocara project seems to have gained some traction.

As part of the agreement, both Arrinera and Fenix are hatching an agreement to create a small group of different brands that will build and develop their own respective supercars. The first step to this collaboration will constitute Fenix selling 50 percent of the company to Arrinera sometime this year, with the end game being that all these brands will form a powerful supercar network in the future.

We don’t know how all of this will play out, but it does create a little bit of excitement to see a group of start-up companies join forces to give the old guards of the industry a serious run for their money.


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  (517) posted on 09.16.2011

My first instinct for this car is fast car. I want to see this on te road and i want to challenge this on the road someday.

  (459) posted on 09.6.2011

The advantage of being a neophyte in the world of automobile is that they are one on who is hungry for attention. They need to built a car that will stand out among the rest and the challenge is very though. I bet they are going to built a powerful vehicle.

  (453) posted on 09.6.2011

I think this is quite a good offer for the Arrinera Automotive. The Noble is one responsible for the high speed performing M600. I was really impressed on the speed performance of the car. I hope to see them built the most awesome vehicle.

  (401) posted on 09.2.2011

I just remember the humble beginning of Pagani. Its not really a big deal if Noble is a novice on this industry or not. As long as they make the most incredible production I have to say that its just easy to establish their own name.

  (472) posted on 09.2.2011

Well, the performance of Noble car has an amazing speed. I’m glad to see this company to built their own supercar! I think they can produce the most powerful one with their awesome previous production.

  (530) posted on 09.1.2011

Wow! this car is so great and it’s so thin. This a kind of car are obvious a race car. This is a race car.

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