This American racing icon was one of the first in a series of innovative racecars created by the great Corvette racer John Greenwood back in the early 1970s. This particular Corvette is distinct from any other fiberglass bodied sports car you would have seen at the time, due to its wide body. The design worked so well that the “slab sides” were later copied by the Porsches and BMWs running in the same IMSA series, the ultimate form of flattery on the racetrack.

Typical for racing, every form follows a function, and the wider rear section not only allowed for wider rubber, but also the addition of a set of coil-overs to do most of the suspension work, while a single factory leaf spring was left in place to pass tech inspection. The openings in the back were very good at venting hot air while the forward facing sides were designed to create down force. The engine is an all-aluminum big blocks with cross-ram intakes and Kinsler fuel injection. The V8 measures 427 cubic inches and makes 715 HP.

This legendary Corvette will be auctioned off at the 9th Annual Russo and Steele ’Sports and Muscle at the Marriot" auction. It was designed by John Greenwood of Troy, Michigan, the Greenwood Corvette is one of the most significant cars ever built by Chevrolet. Initially called the Batmobile by the automotive press, the car first turned a wheel in competition at the 1974 IMSA Road Atlanta where it was driven by John Greenwood and Mike Brockman.


Source: Luxvelocity

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