Have any of you ever tried to build a LEGO car? It’s an admittedly simple question, but considering the number of people we did ask, the answers were pretty surprising. Some respondents said it took them a few hours, while others said it took them a couple of days. However fast (or slow) you are in building a scaled car made out of LEGO blocks, watching this time-lapse video of a LEGO Ferrari F40 getting build in under a minute is pretty impressive…and annoying at the same time.

Anybody who has ever played with LEGOs understands that there’s a particular process that needs to be followed to finish the job in quick order. Rushing it often leads to a lot of confusion because if a piece is put in the wrong place, a big chunk of the pieces have to be taken apart altogether. Trust me, I’ve been in that position countless times and it’s never fun to disassemble a finished segment.

That said, watching this video is pretty impressive considering how straightforward the build was. Remember that part about having a process? Well, this build focused on that by building it from the inside before proceeding with the outside. The chassis was first, followed by the engine, and the interior seats. Once those parts were done, the build focused on the rear end of the F40 first, before slowly moving to the front.

I doubt that whoever built that LEGO F40 could finish the build in a minute in real time, but the time-lapse part does make the whole process more impressive. Now if only someone could give me a LEGO Ferrari F40 for Christmas. Anyone?

Ferrari F40

1987 - 1992 Ferrari F40 High Resolution Exterior
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