Rejoice, Monster Jam fans! Lego has granted our wish!

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The Christmas season is over and done with, but that doesn’t mean the fun of building Legos is going to stop. The toymaker is ringing in the new year in style with two fresh products that are going to excite monster truck fans the world over.

Hold on to your seats, Lego builders. Two of the most iconic monster trucks in history — Grave Digger and Max-D — have now been immortalized in toy bricks. The two trucks fall under the Lego Technic line, and each kit costs only $19.99. It’s only been a few days, but with the release of these two Lego Technic kits, it’s safe to say that 2021 is off to a really solid start.

Lego Kicks Off 2021 Right With the Grave Digger and Max-D Monster Truck Technic Kits Exterior
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These are two of the most popular monster trucks in the world. Maximum Destruction, or Max-D, is the spiked up monster truck that has been wrecking cars and doing backflips since 2000. It’s one of the most well-known monster trucks of the last two decades, but its popularity is nothing compared to Grave Digger, regarded by many in the monster truck circuit and the most famous and most recognized monster truck of all time.

Grave Digger’s been around since 1982, and it’s taken different forms over the years. Still, the name is synonymous with monster trucks and the monster truck serves as the flagship performer of the Monster Jam Series.

Lego Kicks Off 2021 Right With the Grave Digger and Max-D Monster Truck Technic Kits Exterior
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The two kits faithfully recreate their oversized counterparts, right down to the colors, graphics, and decals. Max-D even comes with its trademark spikes, which adds to its cool factor.

Visuals aside, the two Lego monster trucks are geared towards younger Lego fans aged seven years or older. Both trucks don’t come with as many pieces as typical Lego Technic products — Grave Digger only has 212 pieces while Max-D comes with 230 pieces — but they’re no less fun to build, especially if you build it with a young and impressionable monster truck fan.

Lego Kicks Off 2021 Right With the Grave Digger and Max-D Monster Truck Technic Kits Exterior
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In completed form, Max-D is actually longer than Grave Digger, albeit not by much. The former measures 10 inches long with its trademark flag. That’s half-an-inch longer than Grave Digger.

The kits can also be used to create alternate builds, something that should excite your little ones. Grave Digger, for example, can be turned into an off-road buggy while Max-D’s Lego pieces can be used to create a quad bike.

Lego Kicks Off 2021 Right With the Grave Digger and Max-D Monster Truck Technic Kits Exterior
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Both kits also come with pull-back motors so you can race the trucks together or do an old-fashioned demolition derby. Just make sure you can account for all the Lego pieces that’ll fly out when the two trucks crash into each other. The sets are already available in Lego’s online or physical stores everywhere.Get yours on Amazon right now!

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