• Lego Movie-Car Extravaganza

    Christian Moe has put together another pair of Lego Cars, only this time they are famous movie cars.

All movies seem to have some sort of hero. Some dashing young man, or a smart and headstrong young woman that saves the day and enchants the hearts and minds of the audience. Sometimes though, that hero is not really a person; occasionally it’s a car.

Cars have been an important piece of movies for decades. Bullit wouldn’t be as memorable without that green Mustang, Vanishing Point would be pointless without the Challenger, and The Italian Job used the Mini Cooper as a perfect on-screen cohort.

Of all these movie hero cars, my top three favorites are the Mach 5 from Speed Racer, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, and the Ecto1 from Ghost Busters. These cars are huge fan favorites around the world, and they are so popular that there are even some Lego kits based on them. Since everyone seemed to enjoy our timelapse video of the Lego Mini Cooper, I decided that we should do a movie car Lego spectacular. I have the official Back to the Future DeLorean and Ghostbuster Ecto1 kits, and I have assembled them for your viewing pleasure.

If you pay attention to the TopSpeed Podcast, you may remember that I was giving away one of the DeLorean sets to one lucky reader. You can watch the timelapse builds of both cars after the break, as well as learn who won our prize.

I used a student from the local Veterinary College to go through the list of names of everyone who entered and pick our random winner. A huge congratulation goes out to Malachi for taking home a shiny new DeLorean set. Malachi is a fellow auto enthusiast who lives in TN. He drives a Mk IV Jetta GLI that he has modified and customized with extras like Porsche Turbo Twist wheels.

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