• LEGO’s 2019 Speed Champions Lineup is Loaded With Pony Cars and Exotics

Too bad it’s arriving a month after Christmas

It’s probably not the best time to promote it, but LEGO is doing it, anyway. The line for the 2019 Lego Speed Champions set has been unveiled, and there’s a lot to get excited about if you’re a fan of brick cars and their real-life counterparts. The lineup includes one of the fiercest supercars in the market today, a handful of muscle cars that can throw down against any car on the road, and what is arguably the most iconic Ferrari of all time outside the 250 GTO. The 2019 Lego Speed Champions sets will be available to order in January, or a month after Christmas. Those who are looking to buy one for the holidays will have to hold out for a month, but if patience is a virtue, the wait should be worth it.

Lego 2019 Speed Champions Lineup

The 2019 LEGO Speed Champions lineup looks especially spicy! As someone who has bought, built, and displayed past LEGO Speed Champions sets, I’m excited to score the entire lineup the moment they go on sale. I’m looking forward to the McLaren Senna, in particular, because not only can I not afford the real thing, but I think it would go well with the McLaren 720S that I already have. It’s not a surprise that we have another McLaren included in the Speed Champions line, too. LEGO and McLaren have teamed up to build life-sized LEGO versions of the British automaker’s supercars, including a full-size 720S that was unveiled at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. It’s worth noting, too, that McLaren recently took the time to tease a LEGO version of the Senna in the LEGO store in London. Clearly, McLaren’s excited about the Senna’s induction in LEGO’s Speed Champions line. Guess what? So am I.

LEGO's 2019 Speed Champions Lineup is Loaded With Pony Cars and Exotics
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In addition to the Senna, the 2019 Speed Champions lineup will also include a 1967 MINI Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy.

These two vehicles will come as a set, so you’re effectively killing two birds with one stone when you buy it. The set also comes with a rally setup, including a start-finish line complete with stanchions and spotlights. Pretty cool, right? That’s on top of the roof rack and the two spare tires that go with the 1967 Cooper and an actual working suspension on the 2018 Cooper Works Buggy. That’s the kind of attention-to-detail you get from LEGO. It’s too bad that none of us can actually ride to see if the suspension actually works.

Moving on, we have another two-car set featuring a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. Just like the one-two MINI punch, the two muscle cars come with a full drag race setup. No, there’s no actual drag strip included in the package, but there is a lights tower, or a Christmas tree, as it’s called in drag race lingo. It’s unclear if the Christmas tree actually lights up, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? The two Dodge muscle cars are the main highlights, though, and for good reason. I especially like the 1970 Challenger R/T, which even comes with a blower sticking out of the engine hood. That’s well done on LEGO’s part to keep the spirit and identity of the classic muscle car alive, even if it’s through the world of bricks.

LEGO's 2019 Speed Champions Lineup is Loaded With Pony Cars and Exotics
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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the other muscle car in the 2019 LEGO Speed Champions set: the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race Car. Unlike the two Dodge pony cars, the Camaro ZL1 Race Car is sold on its own. That’s a good thing because it deserves to have its own LEGO likeness instead of sharing it with another car. The set does include a racing driver figure, and for realism’s sake, a removable windshield and an adjustable roll cage. I don’t fancy that roll cage doing anything when the LEGO Camaro ZL1 Race Car crashes — the brick pieces just scatter all over the place — but it is a nice touch on what is a pretty menacing muscle-turned-race car. On that note, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Challenger SRT Demon and the Camaro ZL1 Race Car have a go at it. That’d be extra use for the Christmas tree on the Dodge LEGO set.

Last but certainly not least is the crown jewel of the 2019 Speed Champions line. I never thought I’d get to see a LEGO version of the Ferrari F40 Competizione, but here it is.

For those who don’t know, the F40 Competizione is as rare as a Ferrari can get. Only ten units were produced in 1989, and back then, it had performance chops that would still make it one of the fastest cars in the world today. It was powered by a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produced 691 horsepower, allowing it to hit top speeds reaching 230 mph. My only gripe here is that if LEGO was going to make the F40 Competizione, it probably should’ve been under the bigger and more detailed LEGO Technic or LEGO Creators sets. After all, the LEGO version of the Ferrari F40 is part of the latter. It’d look weird on the display if the Competizione version was smaller than the car from which it was based on.

LEGO's 2019 Speed Champions Lineup is Loaded With Pony Cars and Exotics
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The 2019 LEGO Speed Champions line comes with two different prices. The single car packages — the Senna, Camaro ZL1, and F40 Competition — will set you back $14.99 while the bigger sets — the Dodge and MINI sets — will cost $49.99.

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