And we thought the life-sized McLaren 720S was awesome...

I’m running out of superlatives to describe Lego. Really, I thought I had reached my limit when the company unveiled the life-size Lego version of the Mclaren 720S at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. Turns out, I was dead wrong because Lego, in all its genius, has found a way to raise its own bar yet again. Feast your eyes on this beauty, a life-sized version of Ferrari’s 2017 Formula One Race car, or as it’s otherwise known in F1 circles, the SF70H.

If the mere sight of the completed work isn’t enough to make your eyes pop out, the facts about this creation are certainly going to do it. According to Lego, every crevice of the model is made out of the studded plastic bricks, right down to the wheels, tires, and even the control knobs and gear switches on the car’s steering wheel. All in all, the model features a staggering 349,911 specific pieces. To put that in perspective, the aforementioned life-sized McLaren 720S that was presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed “only” had 267,300 specific pieces. Adding to the ridiculousness of Lego version of the Ferrari SF70H is the fact that the whole model weighs 1,250 pounds, which is close to the actual weight of the SF70H.

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A few suggestions on what Lego can do next

The model features a staggering 349,911 specific pieces, and it took 840 hours to cover the design and 750 hours to actually assemble it

Just so it’s said, arguably the most important detail of this whole build is the length of time it took Lego to complete it. According to the company, it took 840 hours to cover just the design and development aspect of it. Once those tasks were done, it took another 750 hours to actually assemble the model from the ground-up. Do the math and that’s a total of 1,590 hours, or the equivalent of 66 days and six hours if all of it was done from the start without any breaks. Assume that Lego employees worked on the model for eight hours a day and you’re looking at an insane timetable of almost 200 days to complete!

This build is going to be very tough to beat considering that a Formula One race car is without peer as far as its unique design is concerned. That said, I do have a few suggestions on what car Lego can make a life-sized model out of. My first impulse is to suggest the Bugatti Chiron, though I won’t mind it the least bit if Lego builds something like the Koenigsegg One:1 instead. I’d even be happy to see life-sized versions of any other supercar in the world today, but if I’m really shooting for the stars and want to challenge Lego to really elevate itself beyond the SF70H, there are two cars that come to mind: the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

The final designs for both hypercars have yet to be revealed, but that’s all part of the appeal of it. Once Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG drop the details, I’m looking at Lego to make life-sized versions of each of them. Maybe they can even do it at the same time, side-by-side to see which car they can complete first.

Think about it, Lego.



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