Lego has just announced that it is releasing an Ultimate Collector’s Series version of the Batmobile from the recent Dark Knight trilogy, the Tumbler. The Batmobile is awesome. Lego is awesome. When you combine the two, the result is an incredible explosion of epic greatness. That, or a really great way to spend an afternoon or two.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ultimate Collector’s Series models, they are the biggest and best that Lego offers. Not only is this Tumbler almost a foot and a half long, it is comprised of close to 2,000 pieces and features a fully detailed interior. Even the wings on the top adjust, just like in the movie. As an added bonus, you get minifigs of both Batman and Joker.

The set will be available starting in September 2014, and it will carry a price of $199 for all the U.S. buyers. If you are interested in the Lego model, or just the Tumbler in general, make sure to hit the jump. We have a video of Jay Leno driving a full size Tumbler, and Lego was kind enough to send us a second video that shows a 3D spin of the model so you can get a closer look at it.

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Why It Matters

Lego Tumbler can be Yours for $200 Products
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Lego Tumbler can be Yours for $200 Products
- image 561444
Lego Tumbler can be Yours for $200 Products
- image 561446

Obviously there are lots of cool cars we will never get the chance to see or experience, especially when they are custom movie props. Having such a large Lego build will give everyone a chance to become familiar with the look, shape and even the intricacies of what went into building a real car like this. Sure the Lego kit won’t be exact, it is just Legos after all, but especially for young kids getting into the idea of cars, it can help them appreciate the work and effort that goes into making one.

Thanks to the moveable parts and adjustable wings, it can also be a great tool to begin talking about aerodynamics and car setups. Remember, kids are always willing to learn, so why not help them start on the path to being an auto engineer or car designer a little early with a Batmobile?

Jay Leno Drives the Batman Tumbler

Source: Uncrate

76023 The Tumbler
Ages 16+. 1,869 pieces. Build the awesome Tumbler from the Batman™ The Dark Knight Trilogy! US $199.99 - CA $229.99 - DE 199.99€ - UK £159.99 - DK 1699.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.
Take on the challenge of building The Tumbler, an amazingly cool LEGO® model of the iconic vehicle
from the Batman™ The Dark Knight Trilogy. Construct this black armored vehicle highlighted with new color LEGO® elements and brand new LEGO front wheels. Check out the cool, detailed interior and adjustable top wings.
• Includes 2 minifigures: Batman™ and The Joker • Features an armored exterior, adjustable top wings, detailed interior and huge rubber-tread
racing tires • Batman™ and The Joker minifigures are new and exclusive to this set! • Model includes new LEGO® front wheels • Includes a fact sheet about the Tumbler vehicle used in The Dark Knight Trilogy movies featuring
Batman™ • The Tumbler measures over 5” (15cm) high, 15” (40cm) long and 9” (24cm) wide

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