State-of-the-art RV poised to become the future standard-bearer of all RVs

Leisure Travel Vans, a family-owned business that has made a name for designing and building some of the sickest recreational vehicles in North America, has launched a new product that it anticipates will revolutionize the experience of RV users moving forward. You might be familiar with the technology since every automaker in the world is feverishly developing their own versions in an attempt to become the first company to hit the road with it.

Yes, I’m talking about autonomous driving and if you haven’t pieced the puzzle by now, Leisure Travel Vans’ latest coupe de grace is the Autonomous RV, otherwise known as the future of self-driving recreational vehicles.

The LTV Autonomous RV is what you’d expect it to be. It drives by itself and can be synced with Apple’s iCloud, giving the RV’s state-of-the-art software system access GPS and navigation routes, leaving the heavy burden of driving the RV on the shoulders of the vehicle’s brain system. This particular feature is a huge step up from the traditional RVs because the driver can now roam about freely inside the RV without having to worry about keeping his eyes on the road. The Autonomous RV also has a handful of unique, voice-controlled features that works with LTV’s on app, allowing the user to literally bark out orders to the RV’s brain system. Whether it’s opening the headlights, washing the windshield, opening the doors, or extending the retractable awning system, every command is voice-controlled.

LTV has yet to announce when the Autonomous RV will hit the market, although it did say that the technology continues to be tweaked by its engineers in Pembina Valley, Manitoba, Canada to improve the RV’s autonomous driving technology.

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Why it matters

Leisure Travel Vans Introduces The Autonomous RV
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I’m tempted to elaborate on the Autonomous RV by expounding on its Jetsons-like capabilities, but the truth is, the vehicle doesn’t exist, at least not yet. It’s the first of April, after all, and as is prevalent in this day of pranks and mischief, the Autonomous RV is nothing more than an April Fool’s joke brought to you by the fine folks over at Leisure Travel Vans.

Happy April Fool’s, people!

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