Today at TopSpeed we will learn how to park a car in a tree. The lesson is not that hard, you just need to speed with 70 mph in a curve. You don’t believe me is that easy. Well, this is how a guy from Kent, Wash. did it.

He was driving with 70 mph, he entered a curve and lost control of his red Mazda RX-7. The result is a really nice parking in a tree, quite incredible actully, because the car is in a nearly vertical position against the tree.

Lesson one: how to park your car in a tree
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Witnesses said if not for the tree, the car would have ended up inside the living room of the nearby home. The driver only got some minor injuries.

Ouch! And this lesson come with an advice: don’t do this at home, let others do it for you!

Source: King5

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  (939) posted on 03.4.2010

how in the world did he do that? thanks to the trees it spare the Living rooms life. maybe this driver is in influence of Alcohol.

  (570) posted on 01.17.2010

awts, this one is nasty. are the driver drunk or something? this is not a 4x4 car, LMAO are you dreaming?

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