• Let’s All Hope that the Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Doesn’t Look Like This

If Ford had a lovechild with Tesla, this would probably be it

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The three biggest launches of this year – Ford F-150, Ford Bronco, Ram TRX – are already out, so it looks like rendering artists don’t have a lot of unseen products to work on. There is one, however, that we haven’t seen to date except for the camouflaged examples – the electric F-150. But, since it is expected to be based on the 2021 F-150, there aren’t a whole lot of wild renderings of the electric truck. However, one artist decided to let his creative juices flow and came up with a design that seems to be heavily inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. Gosh, we hope Ford doesn’t get any idea from it.

That Is An Attention-Seeking Electric Ford F-150

Let's All Hope that the Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Doesn't Look Like This
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The rendering comes from artist Glen George, who calls this the F-E50.

Given the number of electric trucks that have debuted in the last couple of years, it seems fair to think that the electric Ford truck could also look like them to blend in.

The new LED headlights, large grille with the Ford lettering give it an unorthodox look, something we’re not used to seeing on Ford vehicles and is better left to the startups who opt for the radical designs. Even with the Mach-e, the Blue Oval kept the design rather sedate.

Let's All Hope that the Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Doesn't Look Like This
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Anyway, the rendering even features square wheel arches, fat all-terrain tires, sharply raked front and rear windscreens, and finally ends with the rear featuring the taillights and two parallel-running LED strips on the tailgate. The door handles as well as the wing mirrors are conspicuous by their absence

Final Thoughts

Let's All Hope that the Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Doesn't Look Like This
- image 930336

Although this is an out-of-the-box design and the Ford electric F-150 won’t look anything like that, it’s still good to see wild interpretations and renderings of such anticipated vehicles from time-to-time. What do you have to say about this rendering? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Glen George via. Behance

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