• Lexus Builds First Working Hoverboard

It isn’t uncommon for luxury automakers to license non-automotive products such as watches, outer wear and sunglasses for their customers to enjoy, but Lexus is putting its logo on a much different accessory: a hoverboard. As part of the Lexus “Amazing in Motion” creativity campaign, this hoverboard – called “Slide” – uses can hover thanks to liquid-nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets, aka magnetic levitation or maglev.

This technology is already in use on high-speed passenger trains, but it had yet to be developed to bring hoverboards from sci-fi to reality. In addition to the actual hoverboard, maglev also requires a special surface on which to operate, which means the course shown in the Lexus video is not your typical neighborhood skate park.

While Lexus didn’t provide any in-depth details for its hoverboard, Spanish website El Patin claims to have located the skate park that the automaker uses in the video. The park is located just outside of Barcelona, Spain – where Lexus says it will be testing the hoverboard in coming months. What Lexus hasn’t said yet is what, if any, automotive advancements it hopes to gain from the development of such maglev technology.

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Why it matters

Sorry, Back to the Future fans. Don’t expect to be able to pick up your own hoverboard anytime soon, but this PR stunt does show that Lexus is pushing the limits of technology and innovation… even if it has nothing to do with cars.

Source: El Patin

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Luxury automotive brand Lexus has partnered with world leading experts in super conductive technology to create one of the most advanced Hoverboards ever developed.

"At Lexus, we constantly challenge ourselves and our partners to push the boundaries of what is possible,” said Mark Templin, executive vice president, Lexus International. “That determination, combined with our passion and expertise for design and innovation, is what led us to take on the Hoverboard project. It’s the perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved when you combine technology, design and imagination.”

The Lexus Hoverboard operates using magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement. Liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets combine to allow Lexus to create the impossible.

Wrapped in a design that is uniquely Lexus, the Hoverboard features the iconic Lexus spindle grille signature shape and uses materials found in the luxury car brand, from the high tech to natural bamboo.

The Lexus Hoverboard is part of the fourth project in the Lexus ‘Amazing in Motion’ campaign that showcases the creativity and innovation of the Lexus brand.

Testing of the Lexus Hoverboard will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain over the coming weeks.

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