The luxury brand Lexus chosen the hybrid engines to the big engines, powerful, but in the same time with very high CO2 emission. This was a very good decision considering they need something different to compete with the German brands. But, Lexus decided to take this plans to a brand new level, and to build new hybrid engines, but more powerful.

More-powerful models may help Toyota meet a goal of extending its hybrid dominance in the U.S., with 78 percent of the market. "The benefit of electric drives is immediately available torque,’’ said Eric Fedewa, an analyst at CSM Worldwide Inc. in Northville, Michigan. "The Lexus hybrids have been tuned for performance to some extent, but there’s potential for a true high-performance hybrid. That could be an exciting vehicle.’’

Lexus also is studying "a hybrid that’s engineered for really high mileage and really low emissions,’’ Farley said, without elaborating. "There is a huge opportunity for a luxury-car company to be seen as a solution provider in terms of getting away from carbon pollution and heavy reliance on oil,’’ said Farley, who is based at Toyota’s U.S. sales headquarters in Torrance, California.

Source: Bloomberg

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