It’s a new thing at Edmonton’s international airport and it’s driving some people crazy

It seems more like a move you would expect from more overzealous manufacturers like Rolls-Royce or Bentley, who’s vehicles often serve as a status symbol for the greedy and overly wealthy. But as it turns out, even Lexus owners can have a little bit of status flare with the new parking spots at Edmonton’s International Airport. A total of 30 parking spots inside the parkade at EIA have been purchased by Lexus and are reserved for – you guessed it – those who drive Lexus vehicles. Does it sound crazy? Well, even if it does, it’s 100-percent true.

As it turns out, Lexus thought that its customers near EIA deserve special amenities and signed a contract for the short-term purchase of parking spots near pedways and elevators. For what it’s worth, the 30 parking spots are just a small percentage of the 2,200 spaces available inside the parkade and an even smaller chunk of the 13,000 available on EIA property, but some of the general public is already lashing out.

Twitter feeds have been blowing up over the new parking spots, with the general public claiming that these reserved parking spots are “elitist” and even reinforce the stereotypes about people who drive and market expensive cars. Be that as it may, Lexus of Edmonton said told the Global News that the purchase of these parking spots is “a way to offer a unique experience to Lexus owners in the city.”

Matt Miller – the General Manager of Lexus of Edmonton – said, “What we look to do is offer Lexus drivers a great ownership experience. So it is the amenities that we offer in the dealership and now finding ways to offer great amenities to them outside of the dealership as well.”

I know some of you are already about to jump on the complaint wagon and assume that parking spots for the handicapped have been used to create these spots, but EIA says that isn’t the case – claiming no handicapped parking stalls have been moved. The contract between Lexus and EIA is only valid until March of 2017, but there is an option to extend the contract should the dealership decide to do so. EIA also notes that it is open to contracts with other vehicle brands as well, should any other brand want to jump on board.

Is this the beginning of something new? If this idea takes off, what will it mean for those of us who don’t drive luxury vehicles? Keep reading to hear my thoughts. Come on – you know it will be entertaining.

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Why it Matters

Outside of the comments on Twitter about this being an “elitist” move, others are claiming it will take away close parking from parents with small children. The elitist thing I agree with, but on such a small level, I don’t think it really matters at this point – it will, if this idea takes off, but for now it’s a total of 30 parking spots. As for the parents with small children, all I can say is oh well. Get over it and enjoy the exercise. What we really need to be worried about is whether or not other manufacturers are going to follow suit.

Think about this. What if other manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Acura, and Genesis all decide to do the same thing. What if they buy even more spots? If each manufacturer, including Lexus, purchased say 100 parking spots each, that would account for 600 parking spots. Now, you’ve got all of the preferred and close spots taken up by those who can afford to drive something more luxurious than a Honda Civic or a Ford Focus. So now, every person who drives an “economy” or “value” car is immediately reduced every time they show up at the airport.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind having a walk to get to my destination. I generally park way out in the back 40 wherever I go so my precious Yukon doesn’t get door dings or cart marks. On top of that, you get used to decent walks when you work auto shows on a regular basis – there is no such thing as close parking at those events, right? Regardless, I think it is a little ridiculous for owners of certain brands to get special parking rights just because they happen to own a Lexus. Now I have to walk farther because I didn’t want to buy a glorified Toyota? That’s not cool man. Oh well, at least I’ll have time to finish my cigarette as I walk before I get molested by airport security. Thanks, Lexus.

Source: Global News

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