• Lexus, eat your heart out - BMW shows how to deliver a car

Though Lexus has a reputation for customer service, it’s BMW that has just taken the delivery of a new car to its purchaser to a completely new level.
In Germany, starting in October, you may now to take delivery of your new BMW at BMW Welt (Welt is German for World). It is a stunning, $275,000,000 complex built by BMW for only one purpose: to deliver cars. It showcases the entire BWM range. It is literally a temple of BMWs. So, literally that BMW’s director of marketing said that “dealers are like local churches, while BMW Welt is like St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Your car is presented to you on a turntable, rotating under spotlights. The experience is designed to be unforgettable.
BMW expects to deliver about 45,000 cars at BMW Welt in its first year. But it expects 800,000 visitors. In this, BMW is playing catch up to Mercedes-Benz, which delivers 80,000 cars a year at its factory center (the first version of which began in the 1950’s) and which opened a lavish museum last year in Stuttgart. Porsche is playing catch up to both: its museum is still under construction. But when it’s done – wow! The building is designed so that it appears to be floating above the ground.
Though a shrine to the brand, the real purpose of BMW Welt is to keep BMW number one among the world’s luxury automakers. This June, it delivered over 150,000 cars world-wide, an increase of 15% from a year earlier. 
It aims to keep that position in sales. One way of doing that is by building loyalty to the brand among BWM owners.
BMW Welt is designed to do just that.
BMW charges an extra $630 in Europe for delivery at BMW Welt.
A carmaker that can get you to pay for advertising as an optional extra on the sticker is a company that’s figured out how to sell.

Source: edbmw

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