BMW may have been joking when they came out with their M3 Royal Edition, but this next car, sadly, is no joke at all. Among the many cars used during the royal ceremony taking place between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, Prince Albert II of Monaco and his future wife, Miss Charlene Wittstock, will be riding along in a Lexus LS600h. This event will probably top any and all of Lexus’ marketing efforts for the hybrid sedan, so top execs over there are probably giggling like school girls with excitement.

This specially prepared LS600h will feature integrated flashing lights, a royal insignia, and an "MC 01" license plate. Under the hood there will be the standard 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine combined with an electric motor for a total output of 439 HP.

"His Serene Highness takes a keen interest in encouraging innovative solutions for environmental protection and sustainable development around the world, founding the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation in 2006. His Foundation supports more than 150 projects monitoring environmental evolution and protecting species endangered by climate change. It also provides assistance in water management in developing regions. With its pioneering state-of-the-art full hybrid technology delivering class-leading CO2 efficiency and environmental performances, Lexus is pleased to contribute to the objectives defined by His Serene Highness and to help the Principality of Monaco to become an international reference in terms of sustainable mobility."

Now all Lexus has to do is sit back and watch sales numbers peak.


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  (939) posted on 06.16.2011

Amazing! The speed performance of this car is impressive for a V8 technology vehicle! Well, I just hope that Lexus wouldn’t announced a recall for this model!lol

  (648) posted on 06.16.2011

Well, due to the elegance of this car no wonder why it was the chosen by the Prince of Monaco. BTW, I was impressed with the speed performance of this car.

  (600) posted on 04.15.2011

@adriano_colombo Technically, yes he is a real prince, since Monaco is basically a constitutional monarchy. Hey wait, I don’t remembering anything about Toyota recalling the LS600h.

  (504) posted on 04.14.2011

Oh yeah! I do hope that Toyota wouldn’t recall the Lexus LS600h,if that happens..Oh no! Better packed-up your things and leave the auto industry soon!lol

  (474) posted on 04.14.2011

Is he a real prince?Well, I do believe that Lexus LS600h is lucky enough to be chosen by Prince Albert II and for sure Toyota was jumping for joy since its mean lot of sales!

  (407) posted on 04.13.2011

Yes, and the fact that this one is a hybrid is really an added bonus for the company. I just wonder what the other VIP’s would be riding in here.

  (211) posted on 04.12.2011

Yeah, it looks a lot like BMW’s 7-Series, but I think that this one would still be a much better royal ride. The looks of this car would certainly fit the occasion.

  (467) posted on 04.11.2011

hmm. this car is just an identical of a BMW 7, aesthetically. However, this would be a great privilege for the Lexus and I bet this would increase their sale!

  (683) posted on 04.11.2011

As expected, the royal wedding will probably be also a car show, what with all those models that the VIP’s would be riding in. car lovers will probably have a lot to watch out for.

  (273) posted on 04.11.2011

I guess if BMW wouldn’t make the Royal Edition as a form prankster. Well, i guess "His Highness" would use that car instead of this.

  (1211) posted on 04.11.2011

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after just a few months after the ceremony, Lexus would actually release a “royal edition” of the L5600h. That one is somewhat as expected.

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