You don’t need to look far to find proof that the auto industry is turning over a new leaf – no pun intended – than to look at sales figures for hybrid cars. With the world beginning to become more eco-friendly, it was only a matter of time before car manufacturers would jump at the opportunity to release their own hybrid vehicles.

The most successful car brand to take advantage of this shift in consumer preference has been Toyota, all thanks to their Prius hybrid. The car has become such a sales hit that the company even found itself running out of batteries for the car. Since Toyota is being hailed as the foremost hybrid car maker, it was only inevitable that its luxury line, Lexus, would produce its own hybrid vehicle, the Lexus HS 250h.

Now, it looks like Toyota may have rubbed some of its hybrid magic on its high-end brother after reports out of Japan have said that the HS 250h is falling short in supply due to overwhelming demand. We can’t say we’re surprised, can we? Not when you consider that the brain thrust behind the HS 250h had the best mentors at their disposal.

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While Lexus and Toyota are both jumping for joy and doing cartwheels, a certain demographic probably isn’t taking this news very well. Due to the high demand in Japan, the proposed US launch of the HS 250h has a chance to be pushed back at a later date.

After initially slotting just 500 units for its home market, Toyota couldn’t have dreamed of receiving over 10,000 orders for the car in just its first month, mainly as a result of the Japanese government’s sales incentives and tax breaks for hybrid vehicles.

While there has been no official word from Toyota regarding the timetable of the Lexus HS 250h’s US release – it was scheduled to go on sale sometime next month – news that the demand for the car in its homeland far outweighs the supply could be a sign that we might not see the car later than scheduled.

Source: Automotive News

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