• Lexus Just Made a Jet, But You Can’t Have One

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The Men in Black movie series has featured a number of different vehicles, all of which featured some pretty cool futuristic… uhem…. alien technology. Men In Black: International will naturally be home to at least a couple of vehicles that boast alien technology, but this time around, at least two of them will be wearing a Lexus badge… and that massive, controversial spindle grille. One of the vehicles you’ll easily recognize; it’s the Lexus RC F. OF course, it’ll have some modifications too, but the real news here is the all-new Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer Jet.

We Really Need the Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer Jet

Lexus Just Made a Jet, But You Can't Have One
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Lexus pulled out all the stops when it came to catering to the need of Men in Black agents. After all, Lexus is the official fleet provider for international agents, so they need something iconic. Needless to say, this thing is one hell of a halo model.

Apparently, Lexus managed to get its hands on something called Quasar Power Source Technology.

This technology is outrageously alien and can, according to Lexus, allow MIB agents to harness the power of the closest Active Galactic Nucleus and use it to travel anywhere in the universe within seconds. And, since these Quasi-Stellar Objects reside in every single galaxy with a massive black hole at its center, travel from one galaxy to the next is quite simple. Naturally, Lexus has thus decided to name every single vehicle in its lineup with this technology after supermassive black holes. Hence the QZ 618 badged slapped on this rather crazy jet.

Lexus Just Made a Jet, But You Can't Have One
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According to Lexus, this thing features Amazon Alexa, which can, surprisingly, translate up to seven trillion alien languages. It also has an inter-galactic positioning system, Gamma-ray headlamps, and infinite scaling technology. Its performance is, quite literally, out of this world.

Thanks to the QPST system and the unique propulsion system, the QZ 618 can manage 122 MPG (Millennia Per Gallon) and jumps to 60 mph in a liver-crushing 0.0000000000001 nanoseconds. It even has light-speed-matching technology.

This jet also features ethically spawned Adorian leather, Lexus’ new transforming seat with a 31-point adaptable harness, and the Lexus Safety System + with option force field technology. It’s even available in six colors, but black is, obviously, the recommended choice.

The Lexus RC F Will Also Star in MIB:International

The Only Remaining N/A V-8 Sports Coupe Outside America Updated - 2020 Lexus RC F
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Lexus hasn’t said much about the RC F and what it brings to the table for MIB. However, we do know that Lexus made some serious upgrades that brought about some extreme weight reduction, that makes it very light and extremely fast.

You can probably expect that it’ll have transforming seats similar to those found in the QZ 618 Enforcer with the 31-point harnesses.

Of course, not all aliens will be able to fit in the low-slung Lexus RC-F, but for those that can, the cabin will at least be highly adjustable to suit their needs. The RC F will play a big role in high-speed chases throughout the movie, so we’ll get to see how fast it is in due time.

Lexus RC F specifications
Engine Type 5.0 liter V-8
Horsepower 472 HP @ 7,100 RPM
Torque 395 LB-FT
Transmission Eight-speed Sports Direct Shift (SPDS)
0-60 mph 4.4 seconds
Top speed 170 mph (electronically limited)
Fuel economy 16/25/19 mpg city/highway/combined
Compression Ratio 12.3:1

Previous cars from the Men in Black Series

Throughout the course of the MIB movie series, there have been a number of vehicles. We’ve seen the 1964 Cadillac Deville Convertible, a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500, and a 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Of course, we can’t forget the 2003 Mercedes E500 (W211 generation) or the 2021 Ford Taurus SHO.

There has also been a Monocycle, a Hovercycle, and Jet-Packs, but we have a feeling that the Lexus QV 618 will cast a shadow over all of them. The film makes its theatrical debut on June 14, so we won’t have to wait too long to see what Lexus has cooked up for the MIB crew.

Men in Black: International Official Trailer

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