In a shocking turn of events that has caught everyone by surprise, the interest surrounding the Lexus LF-A has gone through the roof. Sense the sarcasm there?

The truth is that nobody’s really surprised to know that Lexus’ very first supercar has become such a hot item ever since it was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show; it’s even conceivable that the all 500 units of the car could be snatched up in just a few months. In Japan, all 165 units of the LF-A have already been accounted for with the remaining 335 cars, which will be allocated to 55 other countries around the world, likewise generating a ton of interest from prospective buyers.

It goes without saying that the LF-A has turned into one of the most sought-after supercars in recent times, which, according to Devshi Varshani, personal liaison manager of LF-A sales, is hardly surprising considering the tremendous outpouring of interest the car has generated is a testament to the amount of hard work Lexus has put into their very first super car. "The level of interest we have witnessed reinforces just what an exceptional car the LFA is,” he said. “Even though few people have even seen the car in the metal, let alone experienced its breathtaking performance, it has quickly achieved the status of a truly rare and highly sought-after machine."


Source: Carscoop

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  (708) posted on 01.22.2010

LF-A was a big hit to the market today, it is a sold out entry for LEXUS. i hope it wont disappoint the buyers well i guess Lexus will keep it’s promise to buyers.

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