Toyota has invested lots of money in the carbon-fiber structure used for the

A, so, despite the car’s huge price tag of $375,000 and the total of 500 units produced, it still was impossible for it to recover its entire investment. So, now the company is consideration the possibility of using this structure for more affordable cars but there is no possibility to see a successor for theLF-A.

Lexus never expect the LF-A to turn into a profitable car and was built only to show off, but the current soaring Japanese yen has killed any possibility to see a roadster version of the famous supercar.

In the upcoming models, carbon fiber will be used for hoods, roofs, trunk lids and aerodynamic parts. This doesn’t mean, however, that we should expect such models on the market in the near future. The company did confirm that carbon fiber will be used for both Toyota and Lexus models, but for now this process is still too expensive.

So, when will we see carbon fiber used in those affordable cars? The answer is quite simple: when the cost for carbon fiber goes down.


Source: Automotive News

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  (2) posted on 01.8.2013

I’m 13 and I know it would do better in japan just look at it and it was tested on topgear UK

  (305) posted on 01.7.2013

I bet it was incredible..
You have a lucky friend!!
Considering there are only 500 created, it’s little chance for me to test one, as well..

  (302) posted on 01.7.2013

I bet it is!
Lucky guy, your friend.However, being only 500 created, the chances for me to test one are quite low...

  (305) posted on 01.7.2013

A friend of mine tested one Lexus like this one.
He said it’s incredible

  (305) posted on 01.7.2013

Tinur, I think they know what they’re saying.
If they said officialy they would do it, I think they’ll keep it as a promise

  (422) posted on 01.7.2013

I only have one question...these ’affordable’ cars, would cost around 300.000?
I don’t understand how they plan to use the same stuff on another model, and the price to be lower, seriously...

  (305) posted on 01.7.2013

’when the cost for carbon fiber goes down’- sounds just like the end of a story for kids.It’s clearly that in the near future the price of it won’t get lower.So we have to keep on dreaming...

  (302) posted on 01.7.2013

I’m sure they know why the price was so high.
Considering the qualitative components, you couldn’t ask for a lower one..

  (312) posted on 01.7.2013

Right, in the future, but what do you say abou the price?
$375,000?Isn’t it a bit too much?

  (305) posted on 01.7.2013

It’s a shame that they cannot create some more of them.However, being released in such a limited number, they will value most in 20 years or so

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