A few days ago we reported that the Lexus LF-A supercar was sold out, however, according to Inside Line, the US market still has a few units that are available for lease. Considering the U.S. only received 150 units, we have to wonder how many "a few" is.

The LF-A is available on a 24-month non-transferable lease, with an option to purchase at lease end. In a previous statement Toyota said: "customer response has exceeded the number of available cars it is possible that not all customers who expressed interest will have an opportunity to order." But in a recent interview with Inside Line, the company said "As a result of additional allocation being dedicated to the U.S. market, some production spots still remain for the LF-A supercar’s 500-unit global build. Prospective buyers may register their inquiries directly with any Lexus dealer or call (866) LFA-4794 or (866) 532-4794."

This coincides with Lexus’ original plan that came out last year to lease some of the LF-As. Of course, at that point Lexus’ fear was more towards not being able to sell the supercar due to its hefty price tag and the failing economy. Their intuitions proved to be about 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Now, so many people want the luxury supercar that Lexus doesn’t seem to have enough. We have a feeling the Lexus LF-A will only be leased once and then purchased by the prospective owner without a second thought.


Source: Inside Line

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  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

Interesting move to force initial lease payments on US customers. It’s a good move I think, this is the type of car you buy to drive, and I hate it when people buy them, only to sell them for a profit.

  (708) posted on 06.7.2010

It seems Lexus has created a unique sales model for the LF-A in the United States. Well, I guess in that kind of cool concept design, this will really achieve success.

  (798) posted on 06.7.2010

Yet another non-reason to get this unimpressive car in the news. For christ sake, who cares!!! With all this hype, anyone could sell 500 units of anything.

  (504) posted on 06.6.2010

I guess you can still order a unit.

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