For a few years now what most expected to be the rebirth of the Toyota Supra, a turbocharged sports car from Japan that was overbuilt and able to compete with the best that the world had to offer, they have even been known to race motorcycles and win. So once we knew that the Japanese automaker was going to once again build a proper sports car, the question then became, what will it be called?

For a while we thought that the future super car from Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus would be called the LF-A. Well the automaker has just come out with a new surprise, the LF-A will now be known as the LF-L to signify the endurance racer’s scheduled appearance at Le Mans next year. Although before we see it in production race trim, the production car is expected to make its world debut this October at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The good news is that nothing is changed under the hood, the LF-L will use a 4.8L “1LR-GEU” V10 engine with a rear mounted transaxle that includes a sequential six-speed gearbox. The Lexus LF-L will be offered with ASG (Automated Sequential Gearbox) that will have four modes, Auto, Normal, Sport and Wet; the cog swapper will be capable of making shifts via Formula 1 style paddles in 0.2 seconds when in Sport mode.


Source: 7tune

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AK47  (1024) posted on 08.21.2009

Uncia, I think its because its a dual clutch transmission. The IS-F has a torque converter automatic. The dual clutch has to move more mechanicals, the first clutch will release followed by the second clutch engaging which will take more time. Given the amount of work done though, Iam actually impressed at the .2 second time. The IS-F gearbox is faster but the torque converter saps up a decent amount of power. The dual clutch on the other hand delivers gear changes with virtually no interruption in power flow. As far as shifts go single clutch automated transmissions would have been even faster but they offer no smoothness. So between these, a dual clutch makes more sense while keeping up with the times.

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.15.2009

Wait... how does this thing shift in 0.2 seconds? It makes no sense when the IS-F can do it in less than 0.1.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 08.15.2009

LF-L doesnt really flow off the tongue either. LF-A sounded a little nicer.

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.15.2009

Lexus has already patented the LF-A name. Why would they want to change it after going through all that trouble. Seems like a silly move.

Uncia  (868) posted on 08.14.2009

I think that they should name it the Lexus 2000GT. Since so many automakers are bringing back classic models (GT-R, Challenger, Camaro, ect.), I think it would be only fitting to revive Japan’s original exotic.

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