This fall, the all-new 2007 LS 460 will completely redefine luxury the world over. Take off with a 380 horsepower [1], 4.6-liter direct-injection V8 and the world’s first eight-speed automatic transmission, launching you from 0-60 MPH in less than 5.5 seconds [1]. There’s also an available Lexus voice-activated HDD Navigation System [2] with Bluetooth® [3] technology (standard on LS 460L). Inside is genuine wood trim, supple leather trim and the resonant 19-speaker Mark Levinson® Reference Surround Sound System [4] (available on LS 460 and 460L).

An 8-gigabyte audio server is available. Another first for Lexus will be the availability of the LS in both a standard- and long-wheelbase (LS 460L) model. For rear passengers of the 460L, available amenities include a center console table, climate-comfort seats and a rear-seat massager (right rear seat only). A Premium Four-Passenger Seat package with Rear-Seat Entertainment DVD System is available for the long-wheelbase model (LS 460L). The new LS-luxury that knows no borders.

Specifications LS 460 LS460L
Lenght(inches) 198.0 202.8
Wheelbase(inches) 116.9 121.7
Width (inches 73.8 73.8
Height (inches) 58.1 58.1
Horsepower 380 380
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  (6023) posted on 03.6.2006

I have been a Lexus customer for over 7 years now driving the old RX300 from new. (We also have several Mercedes in our garage - so I’m not unduly inclinded to Lexus). I am amazed that our over 7 years old Lexus is still in almost as new condition. No problems whatsoever. Lexus is a car that one can keep for double the time other cars are kept. Of course, if you can swallow the fact that new models come out in every few years. I shall buy the new LS for our second car as soon as it will be put on sale intending to keep it for 10 years. Our current S-class will have to go because its repair bills are enormous. Longevity makes Lexus 50% cheaper than any competing model. I am surprised that car journalists never look at Lexus from this angle when they compare Lexus cars with those of competition. Journalists talk about Lexus’ good quality but never that one can really keep a Lexus twice as long other cars are kept.

  (6023) posted on 02.19.2006

Hello Sir/Madam;
I am highly impressed by the new LS 460L lexus especially as regards to its comfort, design and its sleekness, but I have some comments about some things
1). The lS460/460L Lexus is Rear-Wheel drive instead of it being All-Wheel Drive. I think an All-Wheel Drive (wether symmetric or super handling) will augment more its image.
2). The rear entertainment (visual) system is mounted on the back inside roof which might obscure the driver’s rear view (via the interior rear looking vanity mirror).
3). Though I appreciate the advancement in the aerial system, I think it would be more presentable or attentive if the metal outside aerial be automatic telescopic (i.e. in retracting and coming out), as in some previous models.
I think these will further enhance the car’s status.
I will be glad if these recommendations were incooperated into some of the Lexus 460/ 460L models.

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