• Lexus LS by Job Design

The eco-friendly Lexus LS600 has undergone a makeover. JOB Design, a Japanese-based specialist for Toyota and Lexus is the make-up artist for this one. And I’m not very sure where the application of this vehicle is going to be or whom this one is made to impress.

Custom front wheel vents, a lowered suspension and new front & rear bumpers are the additions. It appears pretty odd from the side angle though. By the looks of it, one might assume a few extra horses were extracted, but no, under-hood elements remain the same, and the interiors too, are left untouched.

Lowering any long-wheelbase car blindly changes its look and makes it pretty frightful and unappealing for pedestrians. This one won’t fit in the race track either as a hybrid sedan owner who visits the local circuit to put in a few eventful laps is non-existent.

Maybe JOB is trying to create a new set of custom upmarket luxury hybrid sedan racers? Tough one that.


Source: Kultivate

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  (5990) posted on 03.21.2008

One hell of a car.

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