Lexus Needs a New Halo Car to Replace LF-A

Lexus Builds its Last LF-A Exterior
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Production of the Lexus LF-A supercar ended on December 14th after only two years of production and 500 hand-built units. The LF-A has been a "the ultimate expression of Lexus quality and performance" and left in a period when Lexus was trying to "to reinvent itself as an emotional, pulse-pumping brand."

In a recent interview, Lexus Executive Vice President Kazuo said that Lexus needs a new halo car if the company really wants to "build a more emotional brand." However, this new halo car won’t have anything in common with the LF-A, and will be much cheaper than it.

However, Kazuo said that in the post-LF-A era, Lexus has different ideas for generating youthful excitement from the traditionally boring premium marque. This means the company wants to develop cars you may actually spot on the streets and are aimed at "mere mortals."

Lexus is currently interested in drawing in those young buyers who have just entered the luxury market and that are not interested in buying models from Lexus’ German rivals.

The only question is whether a new halo car fit Lexus’ new profile or not? Kazuo said that at this point there are no plans to replace the LF-A, but at the same time "If we want to build a more emotional brand, then we need a halo car."


Source: Automotive News

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  (377) posted on 01.6.2013

For me is not such a waste because I don’t like it so much. I dont like many aspects of its design.

  (397) posted on 01.6.2013

If I wanna have one of these, I should move fast. Maybe the price will go down for a while..

  (346) posted on 01.6.2013

Judging after the small number of released cars, I suppose in few years they will become more valuable.

  (349) posted on 01.6.2013

I believe that this decision will increase the value of this model. So good for those who have onesmiley

  (346) posted on 01.6.2013

Is something wrong? Why do they wanna stop? After only 2 years...

  (397) posted on 01.6.2013

aaaa... it’s such a pity. I liked them. They were different than others in the same category.

  (341) posted on 01.6.2013

The new year is coming with big changes for many giants in auto industry.

  (377) posted on 01.6.2013

I had no idea this model existed... usually, when i think about Lexus, i see something else than this type of cars.

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