While the first SC is not even worth mentioning (at least not in terms of design) the second one proved to be a pretty strong player. It was the first luxury cabriolet with 2 + 2 seats and got to be known all over the world due to various rap clips . The Lexus design changed dramatically in 2005, when the beta "L-finesse" produced the magnificent second IS. The 2007 LS further pointed that the IS was no accident and Toyotas can also look stunning. We can now dare and dream at the third generation SC that could bring us the rough-sporty side of the "L-finesse" philosophy. . An increased wheelbase should be a must on the new car, that way it can have descent rear room, and a real chance against the competition.


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  (612) posted on 11.7.2010

just recently, Lexus is subjected to recall..

  (859) posted on 03.30.2010

I like four seater convertibles, the whole gang completes the wackiness of the car.

  (666) posted on 03.24.2010

What a collectible the SC430 has become. This is arguably more of a future classic than the original SC, seeing as it has always had only one variant & the engine was left untouched throughout the life cycle. The last of the 4.3 L V8’s.

  (612) posted on 02.2.2010

Lexus sc was the first of it’s kind, imagine a 4 seat luxury cabriolet, also they given the sc a sleek and sporty design.

  (780) posted on 02.1.2010

Well I might agree at some points that the SC is one of the most beautiful coupes made but there are also factors that can make me say “o, I don’t think this is the car for me”. One of the things that I really look at with convertibles is the leg space on the rear passenger seats and for the SC, it’s a big fail for me.

  (1333) posted on 02.1.2010

well IMO it has a great design like the VW EOS but i like the EOS more because it has the performance of GTI.

  (708) posted on 01.31.2010

well good thing that it is a 4 seater version. yes it does looks stunning and aggressive convertible.

Uncia  (868) posted on 01.31.2010

Two things: One, the SC is being discontinued as of June 2010. Secondly, I personally thought that the original SC was one of the most beautiful luxury coupes ever built and certainly more stylish than the bubbly second generation model that’s been on sale since 2001.

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