• Lexus UX Concept Showcases Vision for an "Inside-Out" Future

Also previews the company’s upcoming Audi Q2 fighter

Lexus joined this year’s Paris Motor Show with no fewer than four vehicles, but none is as intriguing as the UX Concept. Essentially a preview for the company’s upcoming compact crossover, which will slot under the NX and compete against the newly-launched Audi Q2, the UX Concept also showcases some of Lexus’ future styling language. The Japanese brand calls it "inside-out" and describes it as a "synergy between exterior and interior styling" represented by an "X-shaped movement in the architecture from the cabin outwards and vice-versa."

Sounds pretty confusing huh? Well, in order to make it simple, let’s skip the PR talk and have a closer look at the UX’s design.

The first thing that catches the eye is massive "Spindle" grille up front. Granted, this isn’t a new feature, but if you look closely you’ll notice that its quite different from the element seen on production cars. First, the mesh is new and features a spectacular 3D-like layout that makes the grille look like it’s wearing hedgehog spines. Second, the upper arms extend well into the hood, giving the engine more room to breathe on top of making the front fascia seen downright menacing.

Another feature we have yet to see on production Lexus cars are the way the front fenders flow seamlessly into the cabin to form housings for the screens that display images from door-mounted cameras. The wheel arches are also incredibly muscular, while the the rear fenders are shaped like an armored truck. Granted, we probably won’t see a production UX with such aggressive lines, but some of these features could make it into dealerships in a less exaggerated form. The rear is also pretty wild with its high-mounted red LED strips and big, rectangular exhaust pipes.

Inside, the UX Concept looks like a spaceship. The cabin is made of organic design features that look as if they could catch life in any given moment. The spaceship-like atmosphere is also fed by the blue displays in the dashboard and center console. I can’t decide whether it’s cool or scary, but this interior definitely won’t be approved for production anytime soon.

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Why it Matters?

Needless to say, the UX Concept is arguably one of the wildest concept cars displayed at this year’s Paris Motor Show. It’s design is pretty spectacular as far as the philosophy behind it is concerned, while the interior is unlike anything else seen on recent show cars. The design is not only intricate, but it looks as if it could be built without major issues. Unfortunately, it won’t see the light of day in this form, but that doesn’t mean that the production model will be disappointing. Actually, based on the exterior alone and knowing how Lexus makes the transition from concept to production, I’m confident that the UX will be an attractive little crossover.

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