• Lexus will lease - not sell - the LFA supercar to prospective customers

In an effort to douse the growing fear that the Lexus LF-A’s price tag would be too much to spare, Lexus has decided that they will lease the cars to prospective owners and not sell them outright. According to Automotive News, Lexus will be offering two year leases of the LFA to interested parties at a fixed price and, after the two-year period expires, will give these people the chance to buy the car outright.

This development should come as a welcome relief to those interested in getting one of the 500 LF-As Lexus is set to build. This allows people the opportunity to go home with one of the most sought-after supercars in the world without having to pay the full price tag for the privilege. In the event that they’d want to let go of it after two years, they won’t have to pay for the outstanding balance of the car. But if they want to keep the LF-A in their garage, they would only need to pay the remaining balance.

Ever since the car was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the buzz surrounding the car has grown exponentially with more and more people salivating at the thought of owning a limited edition model. But while the price tag has yet to be released, people are still expecting the LF-A to come with a six-digit price tag, which, given the signs of the times, might be too much for their wallets to bear.

Lexus’ decision to lease the LFAs instead of selling them outright allows people to enjoy the car’s glorious 552 horsepower without having to sell all their appendages in the black market.


Source: Automotive News

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  (238) posted on 11.24.2009

Very true, but with the amt of profit they need to make, they don’t have much of a choice.

  (4) posted on 11.24.2009

I’m honestly not happy with this idea at all. They seem to be only trying to make as much money as possible off of it.

  (868) posted on 11.23.2009

How much? I want one.

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