Mark Brown and Marc Cameron of Se7en Magazine have a unique talent for light graffiti, and much to our delight, they used their skills to create some of the most drool-worthy cars using this particular art form of combining long-exposure photos with high-intensity light sources, which, if done properly by waving them around in air, can produce some really creative photographs.

We’ve tried this trick ourselves but our skill level is nowhere near to what Brown and Cameron possess. While we’re highly-capable of spelling our names and drawing goofy-looking flowerpots, these guys can create images of cars. So, given the obvious talent disparity, we’re just going to show you what these guys have done just to save us the embarrassment of showing our creations.


Source: Se7en Magazine

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  (328) posted on 08.17.2011

Actually, I find the Light Graffiti kind of visually entertaining! I wonder if Mark Brown and Marc Cameron were the first person to make an art out of lights?

  (399) posted on 08.17.2011

If given a chance, I would love also to learn this Light Graffiti. I would say that this is the new form of art! Really?

  (238) posted on 06.15.2011

It really shows that art is for everyone! I was fascinated with the light painting! This is so unique compare to the traditional form of painting using oil and canvass. This really shows on how creative is the mind of this two folks!

  (449) posted on 03.4.2011

I want to learn the technique for the automotive lightpainting..

  (409) posted on 03.4.2011

I think this one of the evolution on “art”. The graphics were amazing. Are they the only one who made this kind of modern art?

  (780) posted on 02.4.2010

Even though there are such things as Photoshops nowadays, there are still pictures that are best when not manipulated by computers. I don’t think that there are any manipulation in this shots, only some tricks to make the shot better.

  (571) posted on 12.22.2009

That’s what you call "Masterpiece". It’s hard to create such images as that by means of using light and just waving it around. It gives me creeps, some of demonic issue about this pictures that is like they can control the light onto their hands.

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