Yup, that’s an Aston Martin Vacuum Cleaner….

It’s not uncommon for big companies to jump industries from time to time. One of the most recent, and most provocative, has to be Dyson – the well-known vacuum cleaner brand that recently announced that it would soon jump into the electric car market. Admittedly a move that should scare any EV manufacturer out there – Dyson has made a career out of finding flaws usually overlooked and perfecting the products they were derived from – it’s still a little too early for anyone to start beating their chests in fear of another competitor. And, that’s why we’re looking at this Aston Martin vacuum cleaner. It’s not likely to be something that every really hits the market, but the significance remains. This rendering was posted along with a tweet from Andy Palmer himself congratulating Dyson for joining the independent British car company club:

“Congratulations @Dyson on joining our independent British car company club. We’re looking forward to branching out into vacuum’s….. 

Of course, we would love to see an AM-branded vacuum at some point – after all, Aston does build some pretty fine pieces of machinery, but could it really top the quality of a Dyson? Hard to say, but if you look at cars like the Aston Martin Vulcan, Valkyrie, and DB11, it’s hard to bet against the brand, wouldn’t you say? After all check out that huge spoiler on the rear, the massive five-spoke rear wheels and what about that nod to the V-12 thanks to those six exposed cylinders on each flank? Surely, Palmer just tapped into one of his artists downwind and well below his paygrade to throw this together in 20 minutes for a tweet, but it has us asking the question: Why not? What do you guys think? Would you invest in an Aston Martin vacuum cleaner with all the fixins, including V-12 suction, or would it be a little too expensive for your taste? Let us know in the comments section below.

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