• Like the BMW X2? Well You Can Get a Matching Sneaker Too

If you like bland shoes, they are definitely for you

BMW is going all out with the BMW X2 “Show Yourself” marketing campaign, so much so that there’s even a matching sneaked up for the taking.

Like the BMW X2? Well You Can Get a Matching Sneaker Too
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The shoes itself is made by VOR and is quite simplistic, following the footsteps of other VOR products. They are primarily white with the same Galvanic Gold X2 coloring on the heel and around the upper eyelets. There’s even an “X2” embossing on the rear of the shoe.

Like the BMW X2? Well You Can Get a Matching Sneaker Too
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The shoe will be available from manufacturer VOR, BMW dealers, or BMW online. According to BMW’s Head of Marketing in Germany, Stefanie Wurst, the shoes “show the unconventional and fresh side of the brand.” She also believes that the shoes address the “extroverted people who want to use the vehicle to express their individual lifestyle.”


We’re really not sure what that means, but the shoes themselves are about as aggressive as a furry teddy bear and seem quite the opposite of the new X2. Then again, there’s something to be said about have the right amount of contrast. But, what do you think?



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