There was an undeniable buzz heard at the floor of the Essen Motor Show when a familiar supercar that was supposed to have been discontinued a year ago was spotted with its sharp hood and smiling mug sticking out for the entire audience.

We are, of course, talking about the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Apparently, the famous supercar is not ready to call it a day yet after word quickly spread that Mercedes may soon release 25 limited edition models of the very same car that was displayed at Essen.

Not much is known about what kind of package the limited run SLR McLaren is going to come in, but judging from the car that was being displayed, it looks like there will be a number of modifications, including a redesigned bumper with some pretty enormous air intakes. Over on the side we noticed the conspicuous absence of the two chromed rods on the side intakes. The limited edition SLR also looks to have a new set of rims with an upgraded braking system that consequently also has new ceramic brake discs. As for the powertrain, word has it that it will retain the same 5.4-liter V8 engine that produces 626 horsepower, similar to the one found in the previous model.

That’s as much as we were able to dig up on this surprising limited edition supercar. Heck, we couldn’t even get an estimated price tag on this one, but we’re nevertheless confident that more details will pop out as soon as the rest of the automotive world gets a hold of this surprising news.


Source: Motorward

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  (453) posted on 01.30.2011

Seriously, this looks like a cheap tuning kit - absolutely tasteless and really not like the usual elegant Mercedes-Benz style. I’m really surprised that they are offering this...

  (498) posted on 01.30.2011

MB have SLS, and Mclaren the MP4-12C, so why would the go ahead be given by MB or Mclaren for any more SLR’s? I think an update of ’old’ or rebuilding of damaged SLR’s being more likely for this run of 25.

  (648) posted on 12.7.2010

cool does it?. can you imagine seing a very unique MB classes and guess what... almost all of them are here in one show.

  (1333) posted on 12.7.2010

I was about to correct you and tell you the SLR has a V12 but I would have been wrong. This whole time I thought the SLR had a V12, what the hell!

  (571) posted on 12.6.2010

The SLR is a much more expensive car, and probably a better performer. I’m sure that I would enjoy driving it if I won the lottery.

adrian  (90) posted on 12.6.2010

Loved the SLR when it came out. Lately I think it needs a bit of facelift to keep with the current design vision. The changes made are not enough IMO.

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