And another one!Another concept for Detroid Show Concept, but this time not a British car but a American one.Another four door-coupe for the American Motor Show named MKR by Linclon.The car is based on stretched version of the Mustang platform but the solid rear axle was replaced by a multilink independent rear suspension.

The car is expected for production but we think some of the impreasive details will be remove.Certaine the maker’s badge from the rubbers will dissapear.
The doors are designed like the ones from the Mazda Rx-8, with the back doors smaller then that form a normal sedan.(at least in the pics)

The MKR is powered by a twin-turbocharged version of Ford’s 3.5 V6 Duratec engine that sends 415 Hp to the rear wheels.
We are sorry for the poor quality of the pics, but even so there are stuning details that deserve to be analyzed.

The styling has a retro theme, but the overall aspect is nice, with a hot-rod aproach that may disappoint some of the fans with ’cutting edge styling’ expectations.

Lincoln MKR Concept
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Source: carspyshots

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