Lincoln with "disappearing" door on eBay

On eBay you find a lot of weird and uncommon things being sold. So, it didn’t shock me when I saw this 14 year old Lincoln Mark VIII. Your probably wondering what is weird or uncommon about that. The uncommon thing about this Lincoln is that is has “disappearing doors.”

This Lincoln is a prototype of a future car 14 years ago. Lincoln commissioned Joalto Design to modify the Mark VIII so that it can fit in tight parking spaces. Joalto’s came up with an idea of having the doors slide under the car.


The idea became reality in this Mark VIII, and it worked out beautifully. For some unknown reason Lincoln turn Joalto’s idea down, and ordered for the car to be destroyed. As you can see the car was never destroyed. It has belonged to one owner since Lincoln ordered it to be destroyed.


The Mark VIII is now for sale on eBay ($19,000 last time we checked, the reserve has not been met yet). Since the project was not complete, both of the doors do not slide down. The passenger door is the only fully functional door. What we are wondering is how do you open the driver’s side door?


This is a video of the Lincoln and how it’s doors disappear:

Lincoln Mark’s eBay site










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tango  (372) posted on 07.17.2007

It seems like an interesting novelty but It sounds to be a bit loud and clunky. Of course the production version would have had to be a lot less so. And I’m not feelign the flat and bland interior panel. Interesting nontheless. Somebody call Jay Leno...he would be a sure buyer.

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