Lingenfelter-tuned Camaro SS will most definitely wake your ears up

There’s nothing like the sound of a roaring engine to jump-start an otherwise idle day, is there?

This video of a Lingenfelter-tuned 2010 Camaro SS is about a perfect a wake-up call as you can find of a monster engine being roared to life. While the Camaro SS, by itself, already boasted of some pretty serious power under that hood, Lingenfelter decided that too much isn’t close to being enough. So they put their 650 horsepower-package on the Camaro SS and this video, hardly a stimulating one for the eyes, is about as close to an audio feast as you can get.

Don’t even bother watching; just listen to it and we guarantee, goose bumps will follow.


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  (859) posted on 03.15.2010

Loved the sound of it. What I really like to hear and see is that car in a circuit cause it will definitely burn rubber. The sound of tires stress on a high speed turn is soothing to the ear along with the high power engine roaring to give more speed.

  (1333) posted on 03.14.2010

good thing that the dyno tester can handle that kind of HP, if I’m not mistaken the gt500 super snake with almost the same HP has almost knock out the dyno tester.

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