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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been falling over backwards to get a handle on McLaren’s latest über speed machine, also known as the Speedtail. Now we’ve got some footage in hand of the Speedtail idling and rolling around at McLaren’s headquarters, giving us an in-motion view of the hypercar and an ear-full of its burbling exhaust at idle.

Woking’s Fastest Yet

The video itself is a little under a minute in length, and includes an exterior view of the Speedtail as it’s moved from inside McLaren’s glass-walled showroom and out into the world. We get a good look at all angles of the car as it passes by the camera, with the exhaust doing its thing along the way.

Unfortunately, the driver goes light on the loud pedal, and we don’t get a good full-throated blast from the exhaust pipes.

That’s too bad, because we really would have liked to hear that wild mid-mounted powerplant at full song, even for just a second. McLaren is still keeping its cards close to the chest with regards to exact specs, but at this point, we do know the Speedtail makes an insane 1,035 horsepower. The engine spec is likely some form of twin-turbo hybrid V-8, much like the McLaren P1.

Of course, the most important comparison to make is with the McLaren F1, the Woking brand’s iconic supercar from the ‘90s.

Like the Speedtail, the F1 also comes with a three-seater interior and centrally placed driving position, with a focus on top speed as the main party piece. In the late ‘90s, the F1 managed to snatch the title of fastest production car in the world from Jaguar’s XJ220 by achieving an astonishing 240 mph. The record lasted until 2005, when the Koenigsegg CCR took the throne, followed by the Bugatti Veyron.

Now, the Speedtail pays homage to its predecessor with a claimed top speed of 250 mph. We can’t wait to see McLaren back it up.

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