• London Police Seize a Ferrari 458 Aperta Over Lack of Insurance

It’s not a pretty sight, even if the car isn’t ours

There’s nothing fun about seeing a supercar getting loaded onto a tow truck. It’s even less fun when the said supercar is yours. A man in the U.K. found that out the hard way when his Ferrari 458 Special Aperta was seized and towed away in London because the car wasn’t insured. The incident predictably caused a commotion as stunned onlookers captured video of the limited edition Ferrari getting whisked away to God-knows-where.

Police officers in London noticed the Ferrari 458 Aperta when it blocked traffic in a busy road section in London

According to the Daily Mail, police officers in London noticed the Ferrari 458 Aperta when it blocked traffic in a busy road section in London because the man behind the wheel of the car was trying to park his car behind a Porsche 918 that reportedly belonged to his father. Police officers eventually pulled the neophyte parallel "parker" over and discovered that his name wasn’t on the insurance. Not long after that, a tow truck arrived and loaded up the 458 Aperta, before driving off with the Italian supercar in tow.

It’s unclear as to what’s going to happen to the limited edition Ferrari, but history has shown that cars that get impounded are often sent to an auction. It’s happened before, most notably with the car collection of London kingpin and drug trafficker Alexander Surin back in 2015. Granted, his crime was far more nefarious than driving an uninsured car in London, but still, there’s probably little to no chance that the driver of that Ferrari 458 Aperta will get to see his car again unless he buys it again in an auction.

And, if there’s one thing we learned here, don’t mess with London PD when it comes to driving uninsured cars in the British capital.


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Source: Daily Mail

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