• Look Back at Lamborghini’s Past as it Bolts Into the Future

Celebrate Lamborghini’s legendary V-12 by looking back at the cars that raised the bar

2022 is an excellent year for Lamborghini, as the Italian marque celebrates nearly 60 years of its iconic V-12 engine. Lamborghini is emotional (as we all are) about the fact that the V-12 engine is in its final iteration without any sort of electrification. Lamborghini will soon cease production of this “pure” internal combustion engine withthe definitive example of the Aventador Ultimae later in 2022. Before that happens, though, Lamborghini reminisces both the Countach and the LM 002 as they both serve as an inspiration to the brand.

The Countach is an Auto Industry Celeb

Look Back at Lamborghini's Past as it Bolts Into the Future
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Nearly 51 years ago, the iconic Countach was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and it was an instant hit among enthusiasts worldwide. Marcello Gandini of Bertone was the man behind its revolutionary futuristic design. The “idea car” had a 60-degree rear-longitudinally positioned V-12 engine. However, unlike the traditional 4.0-liter capacity, Lamborghini has increased it to 5.0-liters, which resulted in an impeccable power output of 440 ponies. The LP 500 (prototype) became an instant success, and Ferruccio Lamborghini couldn’t wait for the Geneva show to end but approved it for production.

Look Back at Lamborghini's Past as it Bolts Into the Future
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Unfortunately, the LP 500 version of the Countach remained as a single example until it was crash tested for homologation in 1974. The drive that contributed to the supercar’s road-going iteration was code-named LP 400, which also had a downsized engine capacity and power. The use of the conventional 4.0-liter V-12 was evident, and the power figures dropped from 440 horses to 375.

Look Back at Lamborghini's Past as it Bolts Into the Future
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Over the years, the Countach evolved, and later in 1985, the Quattrovalvole was introduced with a 5.1-liter V-12. As a result, the engine produced 449 horses and 369 pound-feet of torque. This version of the Countach is reported as one of the most visually attractive Lambos, which is also much more potent than its predecessors. In July 2022, an LP 5000 QV model was offered for sale on Bring a Trailer and was sold for half a million dollars, so you can imagine the sensation of the Countach. The icon was reimagined on its 50th anniversary as the LPI 800-4 in August 2021. The new Countach is limited to 112 examples and was sold out within a week of its debut.

The LM 002 May be the First Performance SUV Ever Made

Look Back at Lamborghini's Past as it Bolts Into the Future
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The craze for performance SUVs is much higher in the modern world. But in 1986, Lamborghini tried experimenting with the market by introducing the LM 002, nicknamed “Rambo Lambo.” The LM 002 was based on the Countach’s tubular frame and had the same V-12 engine with a slightly higher 5.2-liter capacity. However, the power was down by 20 ponies, maybe because the engine did not need highly-refined gas.

Look Back at Lamborghini's Past as it Bolts Into the Future
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Apart from that, all the modern SUV functionalities were offered, such as a 180-degree turning radius, a four-wheel drive system, low gears, and a center differential. The LM 002 was one of the biggest flops faced by the Italian automaker. But it paved the way for the Urus, which has been Lamborghini’s breakthrough in global reach and has sold over 20,000 examples of this V-8-powered performance SUV.

Source: Lamborghini

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