Would you rather have the Cybertruck with a more down-to-earth design?

The newly unveiled Tesla Cybertruck is the number one trend this month, but many truck enthusiasts aren’t exactly happy with its unconventional design. It trumps the competition (including those the all-electric segment) in just about every department, but it doesn’t really look like a truck. The Lordstown Endurance, on the other hand, a truck that’s supposed to hit the market before the Cybertruck, boasts a much more appealing and "normal" design. But is it a better option than Tesla’s polygonal contraption?

Lordstown Motors is a Brand-New Company

Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck: Is This What the Tesla Cybertruck Should Have Been?
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Lordstown Motors surfaced into mainstream media earlier in 2019, when it acquired a General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio.

Yes, the brand takes its name from the village in Trumbull County, where GM’s old facility is located. Despite being so new, Lordstown Motors claims that its electric truck, the Endurance, will beat the Cybertruck to the market.

Lordstown claims that the Endurance will reach customers in the fourth quarter of 2020, a few months earlier than the Tesla Cybertruck, which is scheduled for delivery in 2021.

Lordstown launched reservations at $1,000 and announced a starting price of $52,500. Yes, that’s almost $13,000 more than the base price of the Cybertruck and around $17,000 more affordable than Tesla’s range-topping model.

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Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck: Is This What the Tesla Cybertruck Should Have Been?
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On the other hand, Lordstown has yet to unveil the actual truck. The American company only released a few renderings right before Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, alongside with pricing and reservation info. But needless to say, the Endurance looks like a traditional track with a boxy front end, a four-door cab, and a proper bed in the rear. It also looks very high tech thanks to its slim headlamps, closed-off front fascia, and deeply cut character lines.

The Lordstown Endurance is a Four-Motor Electric Truck

Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck: Is This What the Tesla Cybertruck Should Have Been?
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There's not much info to run by, but the Endurance will arrive with a four-motor layout, with one unit powering each wheel.

Lordstown claims that this design reduces the number of moving parts, which also reduces breakdowns and maintenance costs. But, unlike Tesla, Lordstown isn’t making its own drivetrain. The electric motors are sourced from Workhorse, a company that plans to roll out electric vans in 2020.

The founder of Workhorse, Steve Burns, is also the CEO and founder of Lordstown, so this is actually a solid partnership. It’s also worth noting that this project also involves former Tesla manufacturing chief Rich Schmidt and former senior executives from General Motors, Volkswagen, and Karma.

Will Lordstown actually beat Tesla into dealerships?

Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck: Is This What the Tesla Cybertruck Should Have Been?
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This is a very good question. Having just purchased the Lordstown factory from GM and with no working prototype available, is this company actually prepared to put an electric truck into production in 12 months? That’s not very likely. Tesla, a much larger company, needs at least one year and a half to turn the Cybertruck, a functioning pre-production model, into a full-fledged production vehicle.

The Lordstown Endurance is more of the wishful thinking variety at this point and I don't see it happening unless the company stumbles upon some sort of miraculous technology or a magic lamp.

But Lordstown or no Lordstown, the Cybertruck will have plenty of opponents to go against. Rivian and Bollinger are preparing their own electric trucks for 2020, while Ford and General Motors are also working on similar vehicles for the green market.

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