• Lordstown Unveils The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck

The prototype was brought on the stage but no information was provided about it

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After months of wait, the Lordstown Endurance is finally here. The electric truck was scheduled to be unveiled at the 2020 Detroit Auto Show, but since the show got canceled, Lordstown decided to debut it via live streaming.

The livestream took place at the Lordstown Complex in Voltage Valley near Youngstown, Ohio, and Vice President of the U.S. Mike Pence came riding in the Endurance on the stage. But, unfortunately, there were no details revealed about the truck whatsoever. Very few details were shared by Steve Burns, the CEO of Lordstown Motors, before Pence came on the stage.

Everything We Know About The Lordstown Endurance

The truck wasn’t showcased in detail and the only new information we got at the unveil was through the company’s CEO, Steve Burns.

The big news was that the battery is developed in-house, but no details about its capacity or charging potential were given out. It is expected to deliver 250 miles of a full charge.

The CEO claimed that the Endurance will be the safest pickup truck ever built since the absence of an engine provides a lot of ‘crush area’ at the front.

He boasted about its sports car-like handling and said it will have the best traction of any pickup truck ever built. The Endurance’s suspension is newly designed from the ground up and will feature in-wheel electric hub motors instead of the motors on the axle. This means the weight will be distributed low, on all four corners, thus providing a low center of gravity.

Lordstown Unveils The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Exterior
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On a previous occasion, Lordstown mentioned that the four in-wheel electric hub motors will produce a combined output of 600 horses. This setup is a unique approach by Lordstown because it has not been prioritized by other EV manufacturers for mass production. With in-wheel electric hub motors, the automaker will have to make use of custom brakes as well. On the flip side, these motors offer better maneuverability and reduce energy consumption. Hence, sports car-like handling.

The delivery date wasn’t announced at the unveiling, but a couple of months back the automaker said the Endurance’s deliveries will start from January 2021. This will make it the first electric pickup truck to hit the road. Steve Burns also mentioned that the first year’s production is already pre-sold, which is about 14,000 copies.

What Does It Look Like?

Lordstown Unveils The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Exterior
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Coming to appearance, the truck looks very smart. The silver paint with black accents all around gave a strong presence. Up front, it features slim LED headlights in black bars at the tip of the hood. The place where grilles are generally placed is left blank and features a prominent Lordstown logo. The flowing waterfall-like design onto the bumper looks a bit unconventional and might draw polarizing opinions. The slim, wide fog lights are placed here, too. Since the whole bumper is body-colored, the front parking sensors look like nails bolted on here.

A black strip extending from the headlights continues on the body and ends at the truck bed. A similar strip emerges from the taillights and blends into the doors in a proportionate manner. ‘Endurance’ branding can be seen here.

Lordstown Unveils The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Exterior
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In terms of shape, there’s nothing fancy here. It looks like an orthodox pickup truck.

The square wheel arches have black plastic cladding. Those black wheels look sweet and seem to be 18 inchers. Orange discs behind the wheels break the silver-black monotony on the profile.

The tailgate looks smart and features a slim light bar for the taillights. The handle that opens the tailgate is logically placed and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. There are step-up climbers on either corner on the bumper and in the middle. A black stripe is present on the bottom half of the tailgate that houses the reverse lights and the Endurance branding.

Overall, the truck looks like a perfect blend of a traditional pickup with futuristic elements. Steve Burns stressed the importance of looks and no wonder he spoke so confidently. All-in-all, this design will please the majority of the folks despite being a little too loud.

Other Points Mentioned At The Unveiling

Lordstown Unveils The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Exterior
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The automaker has collaborated with Goodyear on tires and service in addition to future tire intelligence opportunities. Goodyear will be integrating the Endurance pickup truck into its own servicing fleet that recognizes the sustainable footprint of the EVs. The CEO spoke about its plant, which it occupied from GM last year. GM used to produce 400,000 vehicles annually, but Lordstown says it can produce 600,000 vehicles.

Stuff We Already Know

Lordstown Unveils The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Exterior
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There are a few things announced today that are in-line with the previous claims, whereas some make sense if you connect the dots with the data in hand and the discreet information provided at the unveiling.

  • the Endurance will feature an all-wheel-drive system
  • 600 Horsepower at your disposal
  • Lordstown claims a minimum EPA-rated range of 200 miles on a full charge
  • A Level 2, seven-kW AC charger takes 10 hours to refill 90-percent of the battery
  • Level 3 DC charging can replenish the same amount in 30 to 90 minutes
  • Battery size estimated to be around 80-90 kWh
  • Top speed limited to 80 mph
  • The Endurance can tow up to 7,500 pounds and can climb a 30-percent grade when loaded to GVWR
  • It will feature driver assistance systems like automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane departure warning
  • Three years bumper-to-bumper warranty and eight years on the battery
  • Base trim priced at $52,500, before federal tax credits
  • Deliveries expected from January 2021
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