The Mercedes Benz tuners, Lorinser have just revealed the first official images of their LV8, a vehicle that Mercedes modifiers will be bringing to the Hockenheimring along with partners Continental Tires to compete in the SPORT AUTO Tuner Grand Prix/Drift Challenge on June 26th and the 27th. The LV8 is based on the entry level Benz, the C Class; but don’t let that fool you. This is definitely a big boy toy.

The LV8 sports a complete aero package and has been fitted with a set of the company’s light-weight alloys wrapped in Continental rubber. So far, the German tuner has not disclosed any information about the performance improvements equipped on the LV8, but they did say that it will compete in the C3 class, a category reserved for limousines and production cars. This baby Benz will certainly need a sufficient helping of boost to help break the back end loose and put up clouds of smoke to impress both the fans and judges if Lorinser wants to keep their heads up.

Although the LV8 will not be a purpose built race car shod with slicks, it will be a 100% street legal road car, offering all the relief of a TUV approval. The supped up C Class will make its official debut on June 26th when the gates at the Hockenheimring open for the 2009 SPORT AUTO Tuner GP/Drift Challenge.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Lorinser LV8 will debut at the Tuner Grand Prix
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When the Tuner Grand Prix changes the Hockenheimring into a cauldron of smoking tyres on the 26th and 27th June, the premium tuners will again be bringing their fascinating cars to the field. Souped-up racing technology provides a special thrill, although it hampers everyday use. So are they just “big toys for big boys”? Not everyone wants to just "play", as the Lorinser LV8, which is based on the new C-Class, proves impressively. “It corresponds 100 percent to the licensing requirements for a road car and that is precisely what makes it so fascinating", explains General Manager Marcus Lorinser, who remained tight-lipped about the HP of his latest model, although has already revealed that the car will enter the C3 class (limousines, suction cars).

Lorinser LV8 will debut at the Tuner Grand Prix
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Optically it is also not a racing vehicle for purists, but a real Lorinser in full “regalia” and with a complete aerodynamics package as well as attractive light-alloy wheels. They are of course not covered by slicks, but road tyres from tyre partner Continental, who will be exhibiting together with Sportservice Lorinser at the Tuner Grand Prix. All in all it is a round concept which is orientated to everyday life that will not just get the blessing of TUV, but also adoring looks on the street.

Lorinser LV8 will debut at the Tuner Grand Prix
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Source: Sport Service Lorinser

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  (421) posted on 06.4.2009

As the press relleased put it, it is not a racing vehicle for purists, but a real Lorinser in full “regalia” which means aside from the aerodynamics package and attractive light-alloy wheels, thte real package is the tuner’s name that will steal attention on Grand Prix

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