Los Angeles Auto Show will begin next month and in the same time we’ll have the "Design Challenge" contest. This year’s theme is "Robocar 2057". Designers will have to imagine a car that is suitable for a world where the population have become unimaginable dense and the roadways have reached the point of total saturation.

The first car we will talk about is the Mercedes SilverFlow. It was created by a team of three designers: Gorden Wagener, John Gill and Kevin Kang.

Los Angeles Design Challenge: Mercedes SilverFlow
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The Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow utilizes micro-metallic particles that can be arranged via magnetic fields in many different forms based on pre-selected models. The vehicle, which can be completely dissembled into a pool of ferromagnetic material for easy storage, can adapt and transform its shape to best suit its required purpose.

Los Angeles Design Challenge: Mercedes SilverFlow
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The magnetic assembler, activated by a simple key fob, creates whatever vehicle its user needs. All of the programmed modes for the SilverFlow are inspired by the Mercedes Benz Grand Prix cars from the golden era of motorsports with distinct low slung shape, tall thin wheels and dramatic open-wheel design.

Los Angeles Design Challenge: Mercedes SilverFlow
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