We first got a glimpse of a Lotec Sirius back in 2001. Back then it used a Mercedes-sourced 985-hp V12 to hit a claimed top speed of 248 mph. The Sirius seemed to fade away after that. Occasionally it came back just to remind the public that Lotec wanted to make it, someday.

Like most products, almost eight years on the shelf made the Sirius go stale. So Lotec has come back with a refreshed car for 2009. This Sirius is claimed to have 1,200 hp and can top the original car’s ambitious 248 mph top speed. Not bad for a car that has arrived in time for the latest global economic meltdown.

What the 2009 Sirius amounts to right now is not much more than a Photoshop job. Fool us once Lotec, shame on you; fool us twice...


Source: LeBlogAuto

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  (19) posted on 12.29.2008

Wow, they made it sexy!! I like it smiley

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