• Lottery Winner Scores a Chevrolet Corvette C8, But It’s Never Than Simple

It’s going to be a long wait for this otherwise lucky individual

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A lucky individual from Georgia named Dennis Kahler scored a huge win when he won a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette C8 from a scratch-off Georgia Lottery ticket. He also pocketed a cool $250,000, which would’ve made anyone’s day.

Turns out, some jackpot prizes take time to bear fruit, especially if there’s no plan in place to actually award Kahler with a Corvette C8 the moment he won it. What was supposed to be a joyous moment for the lucky fella has turned into bouts of frustration after Kahler discovered that the Georgia Lottery didn’t set up a designated winner’s car or even acquire a Corvette C8 order slot.

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So, here’s the deal. Dennis Kahler bought a Georgia Lottery scratch-off ticket. That ticket turned out to be a prize-winning one. Not only did he win a $250,000 prize, but he also scored a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette C8 valued at $107,000. Normally, that’s reason to jump for joy and praise the high heavens, and while we can’t confirm that Kahler did exactly those things, it’s been reported by Corvette Forum that there have been some hiccups with regards to Kahler’s new Corvette C8.

Apparently, the Georgia Lottery made a faux pas when it came to the process of awarding the Chevrolet Corvette C8.

Not only was there no designated car that was purchased ahead of time, but there wasn’t even an order slot established for the would-be winner, who, in this case, turned out to be Kahler.
Lottery Winner Scores a Chevrolet Corvette C8, But It's Never Than Simple Exterior
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According to the report, the Georgia Lottery’s plan was to simply coordinate a Corvette purchase through a local Chevrolet dealership when a winner has been identified. This would’ve been fine if it were any other car, but this is the Corvette C8 we’re talking about. Turns out, the lottery officials either didn’t realize or they did not know completely that the Corvette C8 is a popular piece of ride. It’s so popular that a lot of the models that are set to be released already have owners. Basically, Kahler won a Corvette C8, except there aren’t any available ones that he can take home.

One Chevrolet dealership reportedly had a car available, but as dealerships are expected to do, the model it had came with a $10,000 markup. Now, for someone who just won a Corvette C8 and $250,000 on top of that, a $10,000 mark-up shouldn’t be too much of an issue, right? Nope. Apparently, Kahler, who claims to have been a general sales manager for a dealership once, wasn’t intent on paying that premium. “I’m not giving up the money on my purchase by using them,” he told the Corvette Forum.

Lottery Winner Scores a Chevrolet Corvette C8, But It's Never Than Simple Exterior
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That’s a problem. It didn’t help the situation, too, that there are other dealerships who came forward and were more than willing to sell their Corvette C8 at MSRP didn’t have any C8 models available for Kahler to claim. The earliest he could get his hands on his new Corvette C8 would be the third quarter of the year, but that still doesn’t come with a guaranteed delivery date. It is frustrating to have to go through all this trouble when you expected to have a car delivered to you because all the procurement, paperwork, and actual purchase had already been done.

According to Corvette Forum, a legal team is currently handling the situation, which, if I’m being honest, is probably not necessary. The man still won his prizes; it’s just a matter of when he’s going to get it, specifically the Corvette C8. But I suppose different folks have different takes on the matter.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 specifications
Engine LT2, 6.2-liter, n/a V-8, mid-mounted
Power 490 hp, 495 hp w/ the Z51 pack
Torque 465 lb-ft, 470 lb-ft w/ the Z51 pack
Transmission 8-speed DCT
0-60 mph 2.9 s
Top speed 194 mph
Price tag $59,995

Source: Corvette Forum

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