• Lotus 340R Hardtop to be launched next week

    lotus hardtop 340R

Next week sees the launch of ReVerie’s long-awaited hard-top for the Lotus 340R. It’s been under development for almost five years.

Initially CAD model completed and hard made pattern produced from CAD section printed on inhouse 42" plotter. First prototype shell produced from GRP mould made from pattern and test fitted successfully to 340r. Next stage door hinging and guttering to be defined on a car here before application to tooling.

Rear vision has been ignored as its poor as std. This will help reduce cockpit noise, increase stiffness and facilitate ram air, through the 6mm carbon/foam rear sealed bulkhead panel. Optional rear view camera and lcd screen being examined for those that don’t want rear visiblity, Reverie will be able to supply longer 6” hose to link to std airbox entry or can modify customers air boxes for improved top centre air feed.

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  (6023) posted on 10.17.2006

Dear,, Where can I buy the hardtop for the lotus 340 R

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